Proper email signature templates for team employees

Having a proper email signature is a key element of email marketing and communication. Email is a powerful tool for brands to use in building a connection with customers and collaborators.

When used with efficiency, it can promote brand cohesion, cultivate leads, and present as an information-sharing opportunity.

All of this is true for a proper email signature when it is designed correctly. It can contain all the elements needed for your customers or clients to get in touch with you and learn more about your brand.

Proper email signature

Get your brand recognized with email signatures

Our email signature software makes it easy to design brand-specific signatures for your mail. You don't need to worry about finding a suitable designer to coordinate the look (font, colors, composition, etc). Coding and tech skills are also not necessary to navigate our solution.

It is an accessible, easy-to-use solution that anyone can use. See the full presentation for the signature builder.

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Create your proper signature in seconds using a template

We offer pre-built templates that you can customize with your brand's details. Simply select a template you like from our vast range and make changes as you wish.

You can alter details like:

  • Contact numbers or an alternative email
  • Social media handles
  • Links to websites and social media accounts
  • A banner image
  • Brand logo and slogan

Opportunities with a proper email signature

By giving you the power to create proper email signatures with ease, we provide the finishing touch to all your emails. This is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your reader, even to guide them to get in touch later.

Through our solution's signature sharing feature, you can even send your chosen template to collaborators. They can then make changes to it with their unique data. In the end, your whole team will have the same closure to their emails - giving your brand a united and organized image.

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Share signature

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Create from scratch

Create from scratch

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