LinkedIn-based automatic email signatures generator

Turn your LinkedIn profile into a stylish email signature and enrich your professional email

Make all your outgoing emails say more about you. Our LinkedIn-based email signature generator creates an HTML signature based on your profile, making it easy to show your skills and professionalism.

It works with a personal or company profile, ensuring accuracy and consistency in all your professional email communications.

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Copy and use any of these professional templates for free. You can easily have an attractive signature that includes a headshot, contact information, and links to your social media. Say goodbye to plain text signatures or blocked images.

Bill Gates
Co-chair at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  /williamhgates 
 508 connections
 Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill Gates 
Co-chair at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
 36,273,786 followers 9 connections
Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Founder of Breakthrough Energy. Co-founder of Microsoft. Voracious reader. Avid traveler. Active blogger.
Bill Gates
Co-chair at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill Gates
Co-chair at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
 Seattle, Washington, United States of America
 Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Benefits of using a LinkedIn-based email signature

Using a LinkedIn-based email signature can help you improve your professional image by providing relevant information about your skills to the people you communicate with via email. This increases your credibility, impresses clients and partners, and gains the trust of potential clients.

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LinkedIn-based email signature generator FAQs

How does the email signature generator work?

The LinkedIn-based email signature generator is a tool that allows you to create a custom HTML signature that includes public information from your personal or company LinkedIn profile.

How does the image and icon hosting work?

As a free tool, the cost of hosting the images and icons is maintained with Bybrand. You can use your professional email signature for an unlimited time and at no cost.

Can I use the generated signature in my company?

Yes! The LinkedIn-based email signature generator is free to be used professionally or in a company. By the way, if you need to create and manage many signatures, ideally, you should use our signature manager, which saves you time through automation and integration.

See details at Email signature manager

How do I edit the email signature?

There are a few ways to edit the information in your generated email signature:

  1. By pasting the signature into an email client, such as in Gmail or Outlook, and then changing the information in the signature area.
  2. As an expert. Downloading the generated HTML and editing the code using an IDE.
  3. Using the professional signature editor from Bybrand. You can also duplicate the signature by creating new ones for other employees. See details at HTML email signature editor

What information is included in the email signature?

The public information imported from LinkedIn can include data such as your name, job title, company, address, website, and links to your social networks. Also, the generator does not allow you to choose which data to add. However, you can edit the signature and insert any information later.

Why doesn't my profile picture appear?

The reason this happens is that your profile view settings are in full private mode. You have authority over your profile and can restrict the visibility of your content in external search engines besides LinkedIn.

You can change these settings by accessing