Business email signatures: examples for human resources

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An email signature for the human resources department not only streamlines communication by providing essential contact information but also enhances the professional image of employees, establishing trust and credibility.

Mastering the art of creating an email signature for HR offers vast opportunities. This not only reinforces the company’s brand but opens avenues for job advertisements, scheduling, and satisfaction surveys, among others. Thus, making every email an opportunity for impact and engagement.

This article will delve into the importance and opportunity of an email signature for the HR department, and its employees.

Opportunities in an email signature for HR

Leveraging a professional email signature in the HR sector opens a plethora of engagement opportunities, brand reinforcement, and simplified communication. Here’s how:

  • Engagement and promotion: an email signature for human resources acts as a powerful engagement tool. Including links to open positions, upcoming events, or product launches directly in your signature turns every email into a marketing opportunity.
  • Brand recognition: A centrally managed HR email signature can increase brand recognition, thanks to the consistent use of corporate colors and logo.
  • Uniformity: Promotes a professional image, crucial for companies that heavily depend on email communication, ensuring uniformity and compliance in all internal and external messages.
  • Simplified communication: Email signatures can present employee contact details and social media links, simplifying the recipient’s contact process.

Essential information to be included

Much has already been written about which information to add in the email signature. In addition, you should use corporate colors to maintain brand consistency. Also, ensure that all information is up-to-date and accurate.

Adding a personal touch with a face photo

Adding a personal touch to your HR email signature with a professional photo can significantly improve the perception of emails, making them more relatable and friendly.

Example of a minimalist email signature for internal use.

Minimalist email signature.

Before adding a face photo, ensure that it aligns with your company’s guidelines regarding image size and how it complements the logo. An important tip, the photo should enhance, not overshadow, the visual identity of your email signature.

Technical considerations: For organizations with numerous employees, managing photos can be time-consuming. For these cases, it may be advisable to use an integration like the Google Workspace, which imports user profile photos directly to the signature.

Tutorial: Creating custom email signatures with Google Directory profile photo.

Email signature for internal communication

You can create a secondary signature for employees, for internal use. This signature is usually minimalist, with just basic information. Thus, they serve as an excellent internal communication platform, allowing HR to announce news, schedule meetings, or conduct surveys effortlessly.

Here we have a new example of a minimalist signature

Minimalist email signature for internal use.
Minimalist email signature for internal use.

Examples of creative HR email signatures

These examples below include the professional’s name, position, company, contact information, and optionally, links to social media or the company’s website. Note that it is essential to keep the email signature clean, and easy to read.

HR manager email signature example

HR Manager Email Signature

It is vital to have in an email signature for the Human Resources department, a reference to LinkedIn. Whether using an icon or text link. LinkedIn not only allows you to highlight your skills and achievements, but also lets you connect with other professionals. Therefore, it is always advisable to have an updated LinkedIn profile.

HR Manager Email Signature example two

Example with a CTA

The following HTML signature is a great example that shows an action link to open a page with available job opportunities.

Example of an email signature with CTA for human resources.

This provides valuable information to the recipient and serves as an effective means of actively promoting the company’s open positions, thus attracting potential talents.

Example for mobile

Here, we present an excellent example of an email signature with a width of 320px. This format is particularly effective when viewed on mobile devices, such as iPhone and Android. Thus, regardless of the device the recipient is using, the email signature will display properly.

Example of a mobile email signature for HR

Using an email signature manager

In the dynamic environment of Human Resources, leveraging email signature management tools like Bybrand can significantly streamline creation and deployment. The tool offers a plethora of features designed to optimize email signatures for efficiency and compliance.

Centralized management: allows the creation and uniform application of email signatures in an organization, ensuring brand consistency.

Marketing and personalization: Incorporate marketing materials, such as call-to-action banners, directly into email signatures, turning each email into a potential engagement opportunity.

VIDEO: Different positions where to add a CTA in the email signature

In addition, the integration features with various email platforms and CRM systems ensure that the tool is versatile enough to fit into any HR technology stack.

By using a professional manager, HR professionals can save time and elevate their communication strategy, making each email a reflection of the brand and an opportunity for meaningful engagement for employees.


In summary, the essence of the article lies in the fact that a well-crafted HR email signature is not just a piece in the footer. Instead, it’s a powerful communication tool that carries the brand identity (for external and internal use), promotes trust, and opens doors to countless opportunities, benefiting the organization as a whole.

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