Email signatures for law firm

You are frequently communicating with customers via email, but messages sent and answered do not provide any possibility to do new business.

There is no way for your clients to know more about the areas of expertise of your firm, associates, or how to find important information.

Law firm email signature


Standardize and enhance your law firm's email communication using HTML email signatures. Email messages will enable your customers to easily learn more about your business with just a few clicks.

A professional email signature has many other utilities. Through it, we get greater exposure to the brand, especially concerning the logo.

Professional templates

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Create professional email signatures with Bybrand for all law firm associates.

Email is the main communication method used between law firms and their clients. Much of this is because it is a formal and more organized communication channel. Everything is recorded by the email provider, with the date and time of sending, read confirmation, and encryption.

This also means safety for both, the sender and receiver.