Professional email signature templates for lawyers & law firms

Whether you're fresh out of law school or a partner at a multinational firm – you need an optimized lawyer email signature to represent you and your brand while clearly detailing all important information and promoting your services.

Most importantly, it shouldn't take you days to create the perfect email signature - it should be prepared instantly.

Lawyers use email more than any other communication platform, both internally and externally – it's crucial for their day-to-day operations. As a lawyer, you're likely thinking you haven't got time to be playing around designing a fancy email signature – that's where a Bybrand email signature template comes in, saving you time and creating an email signature that looks great, informs, and converts.

What a Lawyer needs from their email signature:

  • Brand consistency and a professional look
  • Providing contact information, branding, and services that catch the eye
  • Pre-developed, easy to edit, and rapid to upload
  • Ability to add links to other platforms

Law firm email signature

The professional email signature solution for lawyers

HTML email signature templates for lawyers are a convenient and efficient method of crafting your perfect design without the hard work. Versatile and consistently formatted, HTML email signatures work seamlessly with all major email clients, meaning you don't need to worry if you're emailing someone using Gmail or Outlook – your signature will still look great!

Prebuilt templates are easy to implement, and they upgrade the first impression of your law firm instantly. Simply select your chosen design, follow the instructions to replace the placeholder details with your own, and you're ready to go. Complete the personal information fields such as company name, logo, your name, and job title, add your external links, and maybe a photo of yourself, and it's time to upload your email signature – it really is that fast.

The key functionality of an HTML email signature:

  • Prebuilt styles and fonts
  • Suitable for use with all email clients
  • Opportunity to add or remove links
  • Easy to use—just add your details

Creating your lawyer email signature is a breeze – are you ready to get started?

Professional templates for law firm

Email marketing opportunities for law firms made easy

How does your perfect email signature in minutes sound? Our user-friendly email signature software takes a boring and tiresome job off your to-do list and frees up more valuable time for client meetings.

We can help you portray a professional brand image to your clients and enable you to offer consistent communication across all emails. With clear branding, name, job title, and contact information, everyone you come into contact with knows they're in contact with the right lawyer to solve their case. Whether you're a one-person operation or a law firm with hundreds of employees, you'll be able to update everyone's email signature with the touch of a button.

Create professional email signatures with Bybrand for all law firm associates.

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