Email signatures for help desk software

In many cases, customers prefer to solve their issues related to the product or service, on their own.

Chatbots and artificial intelligence may seem revolutionary, however, new self-service technologies often lead to a long line of waiting and frustration, simply by talking to a robot.

Email signature for help desk


Use HTML email signature for all support team agents.

Your customers may face obstacles in navigating your app or using your product. Sometimes people cannot find the online chat or the available phone. They try to resolve the issue independently, but they don't find an easy way to do it. Your support team's email signature is a powerful channel to guide customers where to start.

You can add a link to the knowledge base or your FAQ, phone number, social media pages, or an online chat. Another benefit of using HTML email signatures for support agents is that it strengthens your brand and encourages brand loyalty by prominently displaying your logo.

Your customers will be happier when they find the answers straight away without having to wait for long.

Professional templates

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Providing great customer service is the watershed between an organization's success and failure. At the end of each support ticket, an HTML email signature provides self-service and it allows your team to become more productive.

A good relationship with the customers is the key to selling more while maintaining the contracts that were already made.

Configure Bybrand with direct integration with help desk software such as Zoho Desk and Freshdesk to load all support agents and create email signatures automatically.

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Freshdesk (a product from Freshworks, Inc.) is a support platform intuitive to clients, rich in resources, and also accessible.

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Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a technical support software particular to the industry context that helps to focus on the client.

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