About Bybrand

Our mission is to save companies time on their email signature management tasks

About Bybrand
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We understand how it feels using limited email signature managers and how they can make tedious work of this standardization.

Limited tools are the root of the problem

When IT and marketing managers gather together to standardize communication through email, brands strengthen.

However, when they use the wrong tools, the process becomes source of frustration and time loss - and this is a serious problem.


A little bit about our history

As a business, Bybrand started its activities in April 2017. But before that, the tool was part of a parallel project from a website hosting company.

In 2015 the term "side project marketing" was in the spotlight, and after reading Mikael Cho's article (Unsplash Founder and CEO) on Crew.co's blog, we created a simple email signature builder to attract clients to the then-website hosting company.

In less than one year, more than 30 thousand people had already created email signatures with Bybrand on the free version exclusively in Brazil. It was at that moment that we realized our business potential. With this idea, we launched the second version, and in 2018 ended website hosting operations.

Bybrand is a company created by Brazilians and located in Rio de Janeiro city.

Bybrand founder

Bernardo Castro, founder of Bybrand
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