Email signature templates for B2B sales

Email is one of the most widely used digital tools for B2B communication. And in business, it has become an essential part of the daily life of salespeople.

Though simple, an email signature allows easy access to the sender's contact information and represents the company in a clean, organized, and reliable way. The best email signatures also act as effective sales tools that can drive more customers to a company's products or services.

What makes a company's email signature so important?

  • An email signature shows professionalism
  • Boosts brand recognition
  • Makes email marketing more effective
Sales email signature

Create your perfect sales email signature

If you have a business of any size and work with emails every day, you will want to promote your brand in a unified way using HTML email signatures as a form of action-oriented marketing.

At a minimum, you must include your name, position, photo, logo, and contact information. Another reason to have a sales email signature is that it offers more options for links. You can redirect the person you are contacting to your website, social profile, or phone call.

Opportunities for a sales email signature:

  • Selling seats for an upcoming event
  • Add a useful hyperlink
  • Increase traffic to a landing page
  • Subscribe to a newsletter

Professional templates for sales

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Boost your sales with email signatures

Bybrand is a secret weapon for sales professionals who use email as a platform to communicate with customers and potential customers. We offer a powerful email signature manager integrated with third-party software such as Google Sheets and sales CRM, which are critical use items for a sales team. We've also built incredibly easy-to-use email signature templates for sales that will help you close email deals efficiently.

An email signature will always be regarded as essential for effective communication, and Bybrand will help you make your business brand stronger with email signatures for all your important email messages.

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Share signature

Share signature

Share the email signature with a company collaborator or friend.

Collaboration and team

Create from scratch

Create from scratch

An advanced method that allows you to create your own HTML email signature pieces.

Create from scratch



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