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Create attractive and unique professional email signatures that strengthen the brand

Successful organizations develop unique brands that employees and customers want to partner with. Therefore, your own and your staff's email signatures are vital in ensuring your brand is consistent with every email you send.

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Email signatures templates

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Each worker has a unique set of obligations and difficulties. An IT manager, for example, might choose a product with more automation gaps. A marketing professional may require resources for designers and customization of email signature elements at a later time.

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Best email signature templates

HTML email signatures are an excellent way to increase trustworthiness of your brand. You must add information useful to your clients such as the suggested template examples.

All templates were created with Bybrand's HTML email signature builder, using false information and public image stock.
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Professional templates

We have a great choice of templates, but Bybrand leaves control in your hands with our WYSIWYG editor. You can change the background, logo, images, and icons anytime.

It doesn't matter where your email message will be opened. All templates work on the main email and webmail clients.

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Email signature templates FAQs

Can I add an animated logo to my email signature?

Yes, an animated logo can be added to your email signature. The Bybrand email signature editor supports animated GIF images. See some examples here:

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Will the email signature templates work easily with mobiles?

Yes, Bybrand offers mobile-friendly email signature templates. You can create your custom email signature or choose from various email signature templates.

Create templates 320px wide or with one column for best results - ideal for small screens (mobile).

Arrow link Responsive email signature templates.

Does Bybrand support HTML mode editing?

Yes, Bybrand supports editing in HTML mode with a fast and easy-to-use editor, allowing users to produce hyper-customized HTML signatures that adapt automatically. The editor also provides tools for image and icon uploading, which makes the creation process even easier.

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Can I create an email signature from scratch?

Yes, you can! Creating an email signature from scratch uses the advanced Bybrand editor to create your templates.

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What is the best professional email signature template?

It is difficult to give a definitive answer to this question. However, the best professional email signature includes essential contact information: your name, position, company name, logo (or a profile photo or both), website, and phone number. A sales banner or CTA with a link can also be added to the signature.