Responsive email signature templates that work on mobile

When most companies create email signatures, they don't think about tailoring them as mobile email signatures. This is a small but significant oversight that can leave the email receiver viewing your brand as unprofessional.

Considering that many people now work remotely, and from their different devices, your email signature is something you want to get right. You want all your customers and collaborators to get the best experience of your business whether they're on their phones or desktops.

A great mobile email signature must:

  • Be informative yet concise
  • Look sleek and professional
  • Match the brand’s look and tone
  • Have easy-to-access links or contact info
  • Most importantly: fit all devices
Email signature for mobile device


Our mobile signature solution takes care of all the hassle for you. You can simply choose from one of our many template designs and replace the information with your brand details. This includes your logo, brand name, personal name, contact details, social media accounts, website, etc. You can also add a face image if you want your customers to get a personal feel for who they're communicating with.

Watch how to create a responsive email signature design.

These capabilities really allow you to create signatures that are a cohesive part of your brand’s marketing and communications. With so many pre-built styles and fonts to choose from, you can design the perfect mobile-responsive email signature that reflects your company.

Professional templates

Building your mobile-responsive email signature couldn't be simpler


Our email signature templates are the best and easiest way to create custom and stunning mobile email signatures. With no need for a skilled designer or advanced tech or coding experience, you can make a responsive email signature in mere minutes.

Some fantastic features you can use with Bybrand’s HTML email signature builder are:

  • Signature sharing to collaborators, colleagues, and others.
  • Disclaimers that testify to the legal validity of your email.
  • Well-designed and professional templates.
  • Custom creation, which allows you to create your signatures from scratch using prebuilt and other elements from our system.
  • Integration with relevant apps and platforms including Google Workspace, Freshdesk.
  • Multi-user/team access for brands that need to create numerous signatures.
  • HTML downloads.
  • Icons database.
  • Customization for details like your number, website links, image, logo, social media links.

It may seem like a minor component of email marketing but a well-constructed mobile email signature speaks volumes. It's just one extra step in aligning your brand image and encouraging your customers to learn more about you.

Related features

Share signature

Share signature

Share the email signature with a company collaborator or friend.

Collaboration and team

Disclaimer editor

Disclaimer editor

Verify that every email that leaves your company is legally compatible.

Disclaimer editor

Create from scratch

Create from scratch

An advanced method that allows you to create your own HTML email signature pieces.

Create from scratch