Clickable email signature examples for business promotion

As a business, an email signature is an integral part of your customer journey.

Each employee's email signature must be a gateway to additional content, such as your website, whitepapers, social media pages, and a banner to an event. If a customer receives an email from you and they've got nothing to click, the likelihood of them attempting to find further information about your business themselves greatly diminishes, as you've already made it difficult for them.

Adding such information to the email signature of everyone in your business can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you've got to design it yourself. Opting to use Bybrand's clickable email signature maker will make your life a lot easier.

What a corporate business needs from its email signatures:

  • Clickable elements that can be customized with your links
  • Templates that provide the ability to add branding
  • Easily updateable signatures across the entire business
  • Pre-built and tested HTML
Clickable email signature

A clickable email signature that's perfect for any business

Make your email signature management stress-free and time-efficient with a system that provides pre-coded HTML templates and enables you to add branding, links, and personal information at the click of a button. Working seamlessly with all email clients, using HTML ensures the signature you choose appears correctly across all platforms and devices, giving your business a crisp and consistent look at all times.

All you have to do is select your chosen design, follow instructions to update branding, personal information, and links, and then upload the latest clickable email signature for every employee at the same time.

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The key functionality of an HTML email signature:

  • Prebuilt styles and fonts
  • Suitable for use with all email clients
  • Opportunity to add or remove links
  • Easy to use—just add your details

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Stress-free email signatures using templates

Get a clickable email signature and modern

A once tedious and time-consuming job can now be completed rapidly, allowing you to focus on important tasks and responsibilities. With Bybrand, you can provide everyone in your business with the perfect email signature in just minutes.

We'll help you create a clickable email signature that your customers can't resist, directing them to your website, marketing materials, social channels, or wherever the next step in your desired customer journey should be. Let's transform the first impression people get of your company and turn leads into conversions with minimal time and effort.

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