Email signature templates with animated GIF image

Nothing will make your brand's personality truly stand out from the rest more than an animated email signature.

Ditch the same old plain signature. Get creative and have some fun with it! Not all businesses need a professional, standard signature. Something more colorful or outside-the-box could better suit your brand.

How do I add an animated gif to my email signature?

At Bybrand, we make it possible for you to create the imaginative animated sign-off of your dreams. You can customize your signature so customers think, “Wow, that's cool” when they get to the end of your emails.

There is a simple way to embed animation in the signature using our awesome templates below. Just select a template that already has image elements. Alternatively, you can use an animated image you already have by inserting it into the allocated image box.

It can seem daunting to design a signature with a GIF or animation. You may not have the time to figure out how to add GIFs to your email signature or think it will coding knowledge beyond your capability. Luckily, we're here to help.

Animated email signature templates

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Opportunity with animated email signature

A brightly-colored or funky animation can draw attention to your signature. Here, recipients may see important bits of information about your brand or the specific employee, including phone numbers, alternate email addresses, site URLs or clickable links, social media links or handles, etc.

With Bybrand, you can update your entire team's email signatures in minutes - giving them all a fun email sign-off!

Other cool things you can do include:

  • Share signature function: to send the signature or template to collaborators, colleagues, and others.
  • Create from scratch: to design signatures without a template.
  • Email disclaimers: gives your legal email validation and your customers or clients confidence in its contents. This feature is particularly useful for those in “legal conscious or legally sensitive” industries, such as healthcare, law, finance, etc.
  • Template filling: easily customizable and beautifully designed signature templates.
  • App integration: with apps and platforms you may already use for your email marketing or organization, such as Google Workspace, Freshdesk, and Google Sheets.
  • Multi-user access: grants you the ability to create numerous signatures. Your team members can also access signatures and make updates easily.
  • An icons database: for icons to use in your signature.

Related features

Share signature

Share signature

Share the email signature with a company collaborator or friend.

Collaboration and team

Disclaimer editor

Disclaimer editor

Verify that every email that leaves your company is legally compatible.

Disclaimer editor

Create from scratch

Create from scratch

An advanced method that allows you to create your own HTML email signature pieces.

Create from scratch