Converting plain text to HTML email signature

Transform simple email signatures into dynamic and interactive HTML elements for your emails

A customized and well-designed HTML email signature can have a surprising impact on your company's emails and professional image, far superior to a plain text signature.

Converting plain text to HTML email signature using Bybrand allows you to easily include vibrant brand images, social icons, logos, direct links, and advanced formatting, elevating your professional presence to new heights.

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Why convert plain text to HTML signature

You may be wondering why it is necessary to switch from plain text to HTML. The answer lies in the difference in their capabilities. While plain text offers simplicity, HTML offers dynamism and interactivity.

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What is a plain text email signature?

A plain text email signature typically includes the full name and title, essential contact information such as phone number, email, and the company's physical address. It is also common to include links to social media and the company's website.

However, unlike HTML email signatures, it does not include images, logos, or advanced formatting.

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