Make the perfect crop for images in the email signature

With Crop and Resize, your email signature images will always be on point

With this feature, you can turn any photo into a fascinating signature that will grab attention and engage your audience. Crop and Resize is easy to use with just a few steps, and you can preview the results before saving them in your signature.

Make the perfect crop and have a great-looking email signature. It takes just a few minutes, and the ideal size and crop will create highly immersive images for your professional email signature.

Make your email signature stand out with stunning images.

Crop and resize email signature
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Increase your email engagement with an HTML signature

HTML signatures are the new standard, and they're 10x more engaging than just text. Increase your email engagement with a visual signature, and start using our easy format to create flawless images in minutes.

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The ideal image size for the signature

The perfect crop is just a click away. Make the most of the signature space with the Crop and Resize image option. Choose from two crop variations (rectangular or circular) to create eye-catching images for your professional email signatures.

The ideal size and crop will create highly immersive images in minutes.

Filled Crop a logo image

Filled Crop a photo of an employee's face

Filled Resize the image to the exact size

Filled Crop a banner image