Dynamic email signature management with Google Sheets

Import an employee list and automatically create email signatures for them

The integration is an efficient method to have better email signature management compared to a CSV file.

With just a few steps, you can turn all your spreadsheet data into email signatures. The integration connects directly to the Google API; a task that would normally take hours will now take no more than a few minutes.

Integration with Google Sheets
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Dynamic email signature management

Integrating Bybrand with Google Sheets makes perfect sense to automatically sync the list of employees and email signature placeholders. The result? Powerful email signature management for all employees.

Filled Import employees list from Google Sheets;

Filled Remove and update employee information in the database;

Filled Efficient method compared to a CSV file;

Example of employees list

Unified email signatures

Turn your spreadsheets into an employee list and get unified, dynamic email signatures management with Google Sheets. With Bybrand integration, it's quick and easy to update your employee roster - no matter how frequently.

Filled Create spreadsheets for streamlined departments like marketing and sales teams;

Filled Sync - newly added lines can be synchronized with the department;

Filled Connect multiple Google Sheets files and then import into a department;

Departments placeholders
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Reduce work hours with Departments

Standardizing employee email signatures shouldn't be a time-consuming task.

Use Google Sheets to create a list of employees, then import the data into a department at Bybrand, thus automating workflow and eliminating manual tasks.

Go to Departments

Filled Import a list of employees from Google Sheets;

Filled Automatic creation of email signatures;

Filled Bulk email signature updates;

Google Sheets with Departments

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