Minimalist email signature templates you can use in your email today

We have all participated in great conversations with clients and potential partners or sent an email, trying to make new business happen. Email is one of the most widely used digital tools for B2B communication. And in business, it has become an essential part of the daily life of executives.

But a cold email message is not always opened. Do you wonder why? You try again for the second and the third time. And that's it! The customer marks your email as spam.

Therefore, if you have just a simple text with your name at the end of your emails, know that you are missing a great opportunity to get noticed.

Minimalist email signature


Create minimalistic email signatures for professional use and your new contact instantly knows who you are. Let the customer know more about your personality by providing more personal email communications.

Your clients want to believe they are speaking with real people, not a robot.

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The key functionality of an HTML email signature:

  • Prebuilt styles and fonts
  • Suitable for use with all email clients
  • Opportunity to add or remove links
  • Easy-to-use—just add your details

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Professional templates


Bybrand gives you the chance to create signatures that show your personality. Instead of using just a Thank you, [your name] at the end of each message.
Let the client know who you are. Besides, minimalistic signatures are perfect for transactional messages and automatic cold emails.

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Image gallery

Image gallery

One account, all the images. Your images included on the website or edited are stored for future lookups or to be inserted into other signatures.

Create from scratch

Create from scratch

An advanced method that allows you to create your own HTML email signature pieces.

Create from scratch



Verify that every email that leaves your company is legally compatible.