Cloud-based email signature manager integration for Zoho Desk

Save time managing email signatures for Zoho Desk support agents

Sometimes people cannot find the online chat or the available phone. They try to resolve the issue independently, but they don't find an easy way to do it. The Zoho Desk support team's email signature is a powerful channel to guide customers where to start.

Furthermore, one of the many challenges facing support teams is uniform email communication. Having unified signatures for all support agents ensures standard communication, among other benefits.

Integration with Zoho Desk
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Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks

The companies that use Bybrand integrated with Zoho Desk save time in email signature management for all their support teams.

Integration is the right tool to save time for support managers' time who want to standardize email ticket communication and enhance the client support experience.

Filled Save time managing email signatures;

Filled Support for connections with multi-DC;

Filled Integrated with Bybrand Departments;

Don't wait any longer. Deploy email signatures effortlessly

Make support staff communication more efficient

With Bybrand and Zoho Desk integration, you can create email signatures in HTML for all support agents and forward interested contacts to the website, knowledge-base, or social pages.

Email signature for help desk

Some good ideas to add in email signatures of Zoho Desk agents:

Filled Company logo or agent photo;

Filled Links to the knowledge base;

Filled Links to the blog, news, and FAQ;

Filled Other support channels such as phone, chat, and Facebook;

Help desk agents with modern email signatures
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Reduce work hours with Departments

Email signature standardization of your support staff shouldn't be a difficult task. Save time using Department features by managing email signatures with reserved fields that are filled in automatically.

Go to Departments

Filled Import agents from integration with Zoho Desk;

Filled Support to different signatures in each department of the agent;

Filled Automatic creation of email signatures;

Filled Bulk email signature updates;

Zoho Desk with Departments
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About Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is the first technical support software in the industry context that helps companies focus on their clients.

Agents have the right tools to be more productive. Managers are equipped to make the right decisions. Clients quickly find help with easy access.

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