Examples of corporate email signature and how to use them well

Given that email remains the go-to communication platform between companies, ensuring your email signatures are on-brand, eye-catching, functional, and easy to mass-edit is crucial.

A successful email signature should represent your brand and its values, clearly show employee contact information, and include a link to recent and relevant information.

We know what you're thinking—you're a corporate business, you don't have time to design, edit, and upload an email signature for every employee manually. That's where the Bybrand company email signature template editor transforms your processes.

What a corporate business needs from its email signatures:

  • Pre-built HTML that is easy to edit and update
  • The ability to update for every individual in an instant
  • Uniformity in branding, design, and messaging
  • Ability to add links to important information
Corporate email signature

Add your company branding to your email signature

Make corporate email signature management easy with pre-built HTML templates. Instead of tasking team members with designing, uploading, and updating their own designs, these convenient and time-friendly alternatives provide everything you need, all in one place. Apply company branding, add personal details, contact information, links, and update for your entire business simultaneously.

Anyone who receives an email from your business is sure to be impressed. If they're a returning customer, they'll appreciate the consistency and uniformity of your communications. If you're hoping for an email signature to help create leads and generate revenue, then templates are the way to go.

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The key functionality of an HTML email signature:

  • Prebuilt styles and fonts
  • Suitable for use with all email clients
  • Opportunity to add or remove links
  • Easy to use—just add your details

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Create a corporate email signature with templates

Possibilities with a corporate email signature

Here at Bybrand, we've developed a corporate email signature management system that provides template designs and the ability to mass-edit and update across your entire company. We'll help you create a fantastic first impression, grab your customers' attention, and guide them to spending money with your businesses.

Better yet, we'll save your team hours of tireless work and free them up to focus on their most important task: serving your clients and generating revenue. Many businesses underestimate the importance of a well-crafted, functional, and conversion-orientated email signature—don't be one of them. Start working with Bybrand today!

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