Change email signatures efficiently

Your time and your IT and marketing team's time is too valuable to be spent updating email signatures, taking days worth of work

Bybrand Assets allows you to change the image content without changing the URL in the email signature link, and with this, we can save time on the task of augmenting the brand's assets.

Bybrand Assets features
Wave background

Easier rebranding

The right images can make a significant difference in engagement and email signature conversion.

Filled Change the logo without having to change the user email signature;

Filled Add a watermark for a special celebration;

Filled A/B test on images or icons;

Change the contents of the image
More control over all images

Have more control over the images that you include with email signatures

Bybrand Assets prevents images you use from being erased. It can also visualize all email signatures that are using a particular image.

Related integrations

The tools that customers choose to integrate into their daily work lives are diverse, whether for HR, sales, IT, or marketing departments. Therefore, we've expanded our scope of integrations to include applications where the employee database resides.

QR Code

QR Code

Add a URL, and we'll create a QR code for you to add to your email signature. People can scan the QR code to reach the URL.

Adding a QR-Code in the email signature. Arrow link

Google Maps

Google Maps

Include your address for a Google Maps image in your email signature, enabling recipients to easily view your store's location.

Adding Google Maps in the HTML signature. Arrow link

Handwritten signature

Handwritten signature

Create a custom handwritten signature in static or animated image format to add a professional and inviting touch to your messages.

Handwritten signature generator