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Update email signature on an individual department in Zoho Desk

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Zoho Desk supports different departments for product types, subscription levels, or whatever works for your organization. Likewise, Bybrand has the capability to update an HTML email signature for an agent in an individual department of the Zoho Desk.

This feature is only available to the Business plan and those using Departments.

Update email signature on an individual department

The first step to successful integration is to load all agents and departments from Zoho Desk to Bybrand.

To do this, visit the Account menu. Then click on the Integrations option and visit the Zoho Desk integration.

Then, click on the Manage menu to load support agents and all active departments from your Zoho Desk account.

Zoho Desk integration

This step is complete. In your account, make sure the number of departments is correct.

Departments section on Bybrand

Visit your department that is connected with the Zoho Desk integration. Then click on the Employees button. Next, view the More button, and click Bulk update.

Zoho Desk bulk update button

In this section, the option to update an email signature in an individual department of the Zoho Desk appears.

Here we have an example; you can select All departments (to update for all) or a specific one.

Zoho Desk update signature on individual department


  1. The agent’s default signature is changed when the above action is executed.
  2. If the department does not exist for the employee, the update will not happen, and Bybrand will try to update to the next one.

How to best use it?

This feature allows each agent department to have a different HTML signature. So the best way to manage this is for you also to create Bybrand Departments related to each Zoho Desk department and import the agents for each one.

Individual agent

In addition to the Bulk update feature, you can also update an email signature for an individual department in Zoho Desk for just one agent.

To access the feature, visit the Employees menu in the department connected to Zoho Desk. Then click Paste in email to an agent. Find the Individual update section.

Quick video:

Updated on 10 de February de 2022

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