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Activating Zoho Desk integration

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Zoho Desk is a web-based help desk software that allows you to manage your client support activities efficiently. The system goes way beyond ticket-answering support software. It’s enhanced with integration with Slack, Zoho CRM, and Trello.

In this tutorial, we will see how to enable Bybrand to help manage email signatures from all support agents.

Important information:

  • Zoho Desk does not allow email updating for Light agents;
  • Email signature changes can be applied across multiple departments.
  • Bybrand does not enable the email signature if it is deactivated in the agent’s profile;
  • The Zoho Desk FREE Edition does not support the feature;

Activating Zoho Desk integration

Zoho Desk uses the OAuth 2.0 standard sector protocol for the authentification and authorization of third-party applications. Let’s go through all of the steps in the administration area of Bybrand together.

First, while logged in to your Bybrand account, go to Account Integrations Zoho Desk, as you can see in the image below.

Zoho Desk integration

On the main integration page, you’ll see what is possible to do with integration. Next, go to the tab, Manage, and click in Sign in with: Zoho Desk, the blue button.

Zoho Desk manage page

After clicking, you’ll be redirected to the Zoho Desk authorization page, looking similar to the image below. You’ll only be able to complete this step if your Zoho Desk account is an administrator.

Zoho Desk OAuth accept

Click on Accept to confirm the authorization.

If you receive a success message, the authorization is complete. Now is time to load the support agents of your organization.

Currently, Bybrand can load agents from the main organization only. Click on the Load agents button, as you can see in the image below.

Zoho Desk load agents

If everything is correct, the number of agents will be updated.

Done! Now you are just a few clicks away from updating an email signature of any agent from the support team of your organization or department.

Updating email signature individually

After the steps above are complete, we’ll go to the best moment. See how easy it is to update an email signature of an agent in Zoho Desk individually.

Video: create and update an email signature to the Zoho Desk agent.

Bybrand integration with Zoho Desk eases the workload of administrators and managers, keeping the control on your hands. You can manage the email signatures of the whole team and update them with only 1 click.

In the Zoho Desk panel

Bybrand does not enable the signature if it is not enabled in the agents profile, the agent or administrator must send instructions so that the email signature is enabled in the profile.

See an image of how this is possible in the Zoho Desk panel.

Enabling Zoho Desk agent email signature

Please take a look at How to activate the Zoho Desk signature (Knowledge Base Zoho Desk) in the Using Signature area.

It’s done! Please get in touch with our client support if you have any concerns or difficulties with Zoho Desk integration.

Video tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to enable Bybrand integration for Zoho Desk.

In August 2019, Bybrand started to support email signature updating in multiple data centers from Zoho; read more about that.

Updated on 5 de July de 2022

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