Shortened links inside email signature with Rebrandly

Create short links quickly inside email signatures and track click performance

Rebrandly enables marketing teams to build and evaluate the performance of their email signature efforts over time.

Integration with Rebrandly
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Track clicks on email signatures

You can add and shorten links to the email signature quickly within Bybrand's WYSIWYG editor. The process eliminates the need for manual and repetitive data entry. Furthermore, it allows teams to track clicks on the Rebrandly dashboard.

Filled Create and shorten URLs with only one click;

Filled Support for the branded domain;

Filled Save time avoiding manual tasks;

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Shorten URL in email signature

Enriching email signatures

For a more effective marketing strategy in the email signature, you can enrich any anchor text to report how well you are getting business through employee signatures.

Here are some frequently use cases:

Filled Links to social pages;

Filled Site link and blog;

Filled Links in images, like logos and icons;

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About Rebrandly

Rebrandly is an industry-leading link management platform for brands. From innovative startups to multinational brands like Shopify, Harvard University, and IBM rely on the tool.

Serving thousands of companies around the world, Rebrandly offers a link management platform that adapts to growing customer needs.