Create links with UTM code and follow them on Google Analytics

There is an increasing opportunity to improve each link to track your results in detail.

UTM parameters are a simple and incredible way to help you follow where your clicks in the email signature are coming from, really identifying the biggest (and lowest) engagement in Google Analytics panel.

Integration with Google Analytics
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Track the origin of the clicks

Marketing professionals who use Bybrand with Google Analytics (UTM codes) have higher precision in information about email signature traffic origins. Use Bybrand's tracking links to see the source of a customer's email signature traffic, including clicks on links that happen in the signature.

Filled Create UTM codes automatically;

Filled Obtain engaging metrics of email signatures;

Filled Save time avoiding manual tasks;

Email signature example with Google Analytics

Follow the results

UTM codes, when active in email signatures, help marketing professionals answer some basic questions about links that took visitors to your website.

utm_source = (email)
utm_medium = (signature)
utm_campaign = (email signature name)

Here are some frequently use cases:

Filled Link of the company's website;

Filled Blog link;

Filled Links in images, like logos and icons;

Google Analytics dashboard
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About UTM Codes

UTM means Urchin Tracking Method. An Urchin Software Corporation was bought by Google in 2005, and its software launched the bases for what we know today as Goole Analytics.

UTM codes are pieces of text, which you can add to a link, which tells Google Analytics little more information about each link.

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