Bybrand vs. NewOldStamp

Go beyond email signature marketing with Bybrand's dynamic platform

NewOldStamp may be a good choice for email signature marketing, but Bybrand offers a better way.

With Bybrand, teams avoid time-sucking tasks like manually managing each email signature update. Instead, Bybrand innovates email signature technology to save teams time while also optimizing the power of email signatures for marketing and brand recognition.

Key Features Bybrand NewOldStamp
Integration with Google Workspace On Basic
Groups and Departments On On
WYSIWYG signature editor On On
Team access On On
Signatures creation from CSV file On On
Fine integration with Google Sheets On  
Support for aliases addresses On ?
Two-factor authentication On  
Editor in HTML mode
Perfect for experts.
Additional integrations
Asana, Freshdesk, Zoho.
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Why choose Bybrand and not NewOldStamp?

It's simple. Avoid repetitive work.

Bybrand understands that, as an IT manager or marketer, you have a busy schedule. While email signatures are an important part of your brand's communication plan, managing email signatures and email signature marketing just shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

See how Bybrand + Google Workspace integration works.

Built with love for companies that use Google Workspace

Bybrand offers the largest number of native Google Workspace features than any of our competitors.

Activating Bybrand's integration with Google Workspace makes all the sense in the world to help you make work quicker and unify on your users' email communication.

Integration Bybrand for Google Workspace

Connect as many domains as you want

Support for you to add all domains in your organization.

Email aliases

Update the signature on users' secondary email addresses.

Bulk update

Select a group of users and update the signatures at once.

Google Directory user profile photo

Create email signatures using a profile photo from Google Directory.

Organization groups

Import users from Google Workspace groups.

Inexpensive, Secure and User Friendly Email Signature Platform.
Best of all times application for signatures management.
Bybrand helps to improve marketing programs and saving time through integration with top tools like Freshdesk,Zoho,Gmail.
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Organize signatures effortlessly

Bybrand was built to eliminate the waste of time spent jumping between different platforms and services to create uniform email communication within companies.

The departments help IT admins and marketing teams do the work of standardizing employee email communication faster.

Don't wait any longer. Switch from NewOldStamp to Bybrand

Less manual effort

With the bulk update feature, you can quickly update all signatures for a group of Gmail users. Bybrand's email signature manager will save you time by avoiding repetitive actions and manual tasks.

Go to Departments

Bybrand editor

Create HTML email signatures better

Bybrand has a powerful HTML email signature editor, no forms to fill out. You will feel free to add content anywhere.

HTML signature editor


Image gallery


Icons stock


40+ professional templates


Crop / Resize image


Download signature in HTML

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Get more done with smart integrations

Integrations also keep things simple, so marketing teams and IT can avoid time wasters like having to use multiple platforms or update email signatures manually.


Freshdesk (a product from Freshworks, Inc.) is a support platform intuitive to clients, rich in resources, and also accessible.

Integration with Freshdesk

Zoho CRM

Zoho is an online CRM software with easy personalization, that helps companies of all sizes to close more deals.

Integration with Zoho CRM

Google Sheets

A cloud-based spreadsheet software, free and used to simplify a large number of common tasks.

Integration with Google Sheets

Departments integrations

Why is now the best time to try Bybrand?

A powerful, easy-to-use tool

A powerful, easy-to-use tool

IT admins and marketers turn to Bybrand as an alternative, as we maintain constant software development with integrations and new features.

Support by humans, no bots

Support by humans, no bots

The help is free by email, and you will always have a real human in-chat service so fast that all you'll be left thinking is. "Wow, that was way helpful."

30-day unlimited trial

30-day unlimited trial

Instantly receive full access to Bybrand for 30 days. We want to ensure that you are fully satisfied and able to deploy the email signatures before purchasing the software.