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Cloud-based email signature manager software that helps strengthen your brand image by using the employees' email signatures

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Bybrand easily integrates with leading tools.

How does Bybrand work?

With four simple steps, create and deploy professional email signatures fastly.

Create an email signature

Create an email signature

After you create a Bybrand account, set an initial email signature for your company or a team, such as sales or marketing.

Connect an integration

Connect an integration

To save time, connect Bybrand with an integration that your company already uses to create faster email signatures.

Automatic generation

Automatic generation

Bybrand will import users into the system. Then, generate the email signatures automatically for everyone.


Deployment - the best part

You can deploy the email signature directly in the user's account, thus avoiding manual tasks or sending complex tutorials to the employee.

Standardizing email signatures doesn't have to be a lengthy task

Incomplete tools result in a loss of working hours. The Departments are ideal to save IT managers time, usually being responsible for standardizing the company's email signatures.

Manage and organize all your employees by department.

Save time with departments

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Why is now the time to try Bybrand to standardize your company's email communication?

For Support and IT

For Support and IT

Many customers prefer to solve their problems on their own. With HTML email signatures, your email service becomes more authentic. Your support team can forward questions to the knowledge base, website, and blog.

For Marketing

For Marketing

During the first contact, customers want to know more about the company. Email signatures on every sent email can quickly tell customers more about your business.

For HR

For HR

The company's employees are its greatest asset and can be its greatest advocates. Amplifying their voices with professional email signatures can help organizations build stronger connections with their audiences.

Customer reviews

People want you to do your best work, which is something we know very well. We're dedicated to doing that every day, which means we focus on delivering value more than anything else.

Inexpensive, Secure and User Friendly Email Signature Platform.
Best of all times application for signatures management.
Bybrand helps to improve marketing programs and saving time through integration with top tools like Freshdesk,Zoho,Gmail.

A powerful, easy-to-use email signature editor

With our quick and easy software, you can produce hyper-personalized HTML signatures. You will also have unlimited access to all our additional features, which include over 40 templates.

HTML signature editor

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Faster results mean happy professionals

Marketing professionals are searching for ways to standardize email communication, create more views, and reinforce your brand. The email signature marketing help guarantee that all collaborators contribute to marketing success.

Capture clients for your business on each email message sent.

Email signature templates