Uniform email communication fast

Cloud-based email signature manager software that helps strengthen your brand image by using the employees' email signatures

Bybrand easily integrates with leading tools.

Standardizing email signatures doesn't have to be a lengthy task

Incomplete tools result in a loss of working hours. The Departments are ideal to save IT managers time, usually being responsible for standardizing the company's email signatures.

Manage and organize all your employees by department.

Save time with departments

Departments feature
Campaigns feature

Faster results mean happy professionals

Marketing professionals are searching for ways to standardize email communication, create more views, and reinforce your brand. The Campaigns help guarantee that all collaborators contribute to marketing successfully.

Capture clients for your business on each email message sent.

Email signature marketing

It has never been easier to update email signatures

We understand that changing or updating email signatures is tedious if you use the wrong tool. The assets change images quickly without changing the URL in the email signatures.

Have more control over the images that you send to your email signatures.

Change the email signatures with efficiency

Assets feature