Bybrand for Teamwork Desk

Revolutionize your customer service with modern email signatures

A modern email signature for the Teamwork Desk is an exceptional way to improve customer service by email.

Improve the customer experience while reducing the support load. With an efficient HTML email signature, your customer can quickly query the knowledge base (self-service), call the support phone number, or open a chat call - all from the email signature.

Integration with Teamwork Desk
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Why integrate Bybrand with Teamwork Desk?

Avoid lifeless email signatures with plain text. With a rich and efficient email signature you save time by avoiding having to manually update signatures for multiple Teamwork Desk inboxes.

See the full feature presentation.

Filled Save time managing email signatures for multiple inboxes;

Filled Standard email communication for all support agents;

Filled Deliver a unique experience by building a stronger relationship through every support ticket attended;

Integration with Teamwork Desk

Most customers use email as their preferred support channel

A modern email signature on every support ticket in the email channel gives you the opportunity to build a stronger relationship and allows the customer to resolve issues on their own.

Well-created email signature opportunities for the Teamwork Desk support team.

Filled Company logo or agent photo;

Filled Links to the knowledge base;

Filled Links to the blog, news, and FAQ;

Filled Other support channels such as phone, chat, and Facebook;

Teamwork Desk

About Teamwork Desk

Teamwork Desk gives you one central location for your shared mailboxes like support@ and sales@ so you can manage client requests, support, and project communications with more visibility at scale.

Furthermore, Teamwork is a work and project management tool that helps in-house & remote teams improve collaboration, visibility, accountability, and ultimately results.

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