Cloud-based email signatures manager integration for G Suite

Create and manage email signatures for all G Suite users easily

A robust tool that will help you standardize your company's email communication and grow your target audience using modern email signatures for all collaborators that use Gmail daily.

Integration with G Suite
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Avoid repetitive works

Activating Bybrand's integration with G Suite makes all the sense in the world to help you make work quicker and unify on your users’ email communication.

Filled Update the email signature from any user in Gmail with only one click;

Filled Save time without having to go on every machine;

Filled Save time without having to send complicated tutorials to users;

Email signature update in G Suite
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G Suite alias and multi-domain

Multi-domains and alias addresses

Besides the primary address, Bybrand's email signature manager for G Suite also supports email signature updates in alias addresses and multi-domains of the organization.

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Reduce work hours within Departments

The email signature standardization of your users shouldn't be a lengthy task.

Save time and department resources by managing email signatures with reserved fields that are filled in automatically.

Go to Departamentos

Filled Import user list from a CSV file;
(comma-separated values)

Filled Import users from integration with G Suite;

Filled Mass email signature updates;
coming soon

Integration with Departments

It's not just about email signatures

Effortlessly show vital contact information, so your customers always know how to contact you in a second moment.

Filled Standardize your brand in all your email messages;

Filled Promote necessary contact information like phone number, email, and address;

Filled Clickable email signatures that redirect curious clients for the website or social pages;

Modern email signatures
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About G Suite

The G Suite by Google is an all-in-one suite of business applications that enable you to communicate, store, and create.

Currently, Bybrand has native integration into G Suite to automate the implementation task and management of email signatures for Gmail users.

Visit our integration in the G Suite Marketplace.
Bybrand on G Suite Marketplace