What does Bybrand do?

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Bybrand is an internal marketing platform to help you involve your employees in brand marketing. As you may see on our website, at the moment we are focused on providing an email signature manager that helps you create, manage, and implement seamless email communication with email signatures for your business.

We believe that email signatures are a great starting point to strengthen your company’s marketing with the help of your employees.

Our goal is to create the best signature manager on the market. However, being the ‘best’ can be very subjective, so our definition of being best is to be fast!

Our employee marketing approach is focused on engaging all employees in brand marketing. We’re here to help you become an internal marketing expert, so let’s start with email signatures.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Bybrand to create an awesome email signature for your employees, and we’ll provide you with some useful resources to save you time at work.

Before starting

Here is some useful information to know:

  • Bybrand is a web-based app, which means you don’t need to download or install any software on your computer.
  • By creating an account with Bybrand, you agree to our Terms of Use.
  • We offer several online resources to help you get a quick result. You can find tutorials, guides, and videos in Docs to learn about editor features, and integrations, or to ask for help with a problem.

Account creation

To create an account with Bybrand, you’ll first need to provide your email address, which is the primary account ID, your name, and the company name (optional).

We do not ask for a password for registration. However, we will send a welcome email with the steps for you to register the password to use the next you log into our website.

To learn more about setting the password, read this article Change Account Password.

Creating the first email signature

You cannot do anything at Bybrand without creating an email signature. Therefore, after the registration process, you will be automatically redirected to the signature templates page to create your first email signature.

Sample of the signature templates page.

Example of the signature templates page.

This first signature can be a broad one, or your own with a headshot and the company’s logo. In fact, the best practice for an email signature is to avoid excess information.

How do templates work?

Bybrand signature templates are fixed and divided into three sizes based on the client email: 600px, 480px, and 320px. When creating a new signature, keep in mind that data is not shared between templates. We have a variety of useful tools to help you create your signature.

Useful things you can do after creating your first email signature:

  • Send a test email;
  • Paste the signature in the email on Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple Mail;
  • Duplicate for editing without modifying the original;
  • Add an external link to the company’s website and social networks;
  • Share the signature publicly with co-workers;
  • Invite other members of the team to create and manage the signature.

Pasting the signature email

After creating the first signature, naturally, you’ll want to paste it into a traditional email to a client. However, an email signature can actually be inserted in other places that go beyond the employee’s email.

Here are some ideas of where you can paste an email signature:

Traditional emails

Sales CRM

Your sales team can have a clickable email and marketing signature to target more customers, encouraging them to explore the company’s products or services. Adding a link to schedule a meeting or banner image is a good idea for a sales email signature.

See also:

Help desk software

Customer support agents who use help desk software and email must have modern email signatures. Adding extra content like a link to the knowledge base, contact phone, or a satisfaction survey are all good ideas to increase brand awareness and engagement.

See also:

Email marketing platforms

An HTML email signature can be added to the email template on the email marketing platform, such as Mailchimp, and also in the email template of transactional email software, such as Postmark.

Creating more than one email signature

Creating and managing multiple email signatures for a small team is a simple task that can be done manually and easily. This task becomes much more complex if you require signatures for a larger group of employees, especially more than 10.

The task of creating a signature manually does not enter the list. So how can one do this faster? Bybrand’s Departments and Integrations features are here to help you.

You can read more about Departments here, and how signatures with placeholders work.

Integrations with email platforms

As stated, our goal is to help you create, manage, and implement fast and standard email communication, simplifying repetitive tasks. In this case, that’s exactly what Integrations are designed to do.

Native integrations allow you to import a list of users with information to add to the email signature; for example, name, position, phone number and photo. Then, you can send the signature directly to the email.

Example of the bulk update feature.

Currently, Bybrand has native integrations for Google Workspace, Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, and Zoho CRM.

See more details in Update employee email signatures in bulk.

Manual integrations

A manual integration also allows you to import a list of users with personal information. But, unlike email platform integrations, manual integration does not have the email service. Two common examples of this are Google Sheets and Asana.

Here’s an example of a list of employees using Google Sheets.

List of employees using Google Sheets

These integrations have the option to only create dynamic email signatures. The alternative is to paste employees’ email signatures manually. However, you can tackle this task much more efficiently with the Send in Bulk feature.

Dig deeper into the feature to send instructions for the employee to paste the email signature manually – Sending signatures to employees in bulk.

Exploring additional resources

Now that you know what Bybrand is all about, you’re ready for the essentials. Bybrand works for all types of teams in any kind of industry, so long as they have an email account.

Take-home message

That’s a summary of what you can accomplish Bybrand today! But our long-term message is this:

Employees have superpowers.

Your company’s employees are your greatest asset, and they can be your biggest advocates and promoters as well. Amplifying their voices with modern email signatures will help your organization build stronger connections with your audience.

Successful companies build amazing brands that people (employees and customers) really want to work with. That’s why you need an email signature to help you stand out.

Updated on 5 de September de 2022

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