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Change email signature on Apple Mail of Mac

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Apple Mail is a free email client, available on the Mac in several versions and features like Contacts, Calendars, or Reminders. Also, it works with other email providers like Gmail and Outlook or the iCloud provider itself.

See the end of the tutorial for a quick step-by-step video. Or how to fix the large logo and all images piled on top of each other.

Adding an HTML email signature in Apple Mail on Mac

This tutorial is dedicated to helping Bybrand clients; therefore, you must access your private client area and choose an email signature to paste into Apple Mail.

  1. Visit the client area;
  2. Navigate to the Signatures section;
  3. In the signature list, go to an email signature, then click Paste in email;

Here is an example of the Copy signature button. Click on it to copy the rendered content to your clipboard.

Copy the rendered content from the email signature.

Now, in Mac.

Open the email app and visit the Preferences option.

Signature to Mac Mail step one

When a popup window opens, click on the Signatures menu. After, on the icon (+) to add a new signature.

Here is an illustrated example.

Signature to Mac Mail step two

Changing the email signature

After clicking the (+) icon to add the new signature, you can view a text area. Paste the signature content into this part.

  • Press Command-V. 
  • Or Control-click (or right-click) the item you selected, then choose Paste from the shortcut menu.

Plus: How to copy and paste on Mac here.

The result can be similar to the example below.

Signature to Mac Mail step three

You may also want to set a default email signature when composing a new message. Select the item from the lower dropdown box.

Save and close the window.

To see the HTML signature working, click to send a new message. Here is an example of our final result.

Signature on Mac Mail final result

Large logo and all images piled on Apple Mail

Apple Mail does not support image size settings via HTML. So, you need to crop the image to the exact size.

The signature editor has a feature to facilitate this (exact crop). Please, see the quick video example below. After, save and paste the code in the email client again.

Read also:

Solving the HTML compatibility issue

Video tutorial

As written at the beginning, if you prefer, watch this video with all the steps.

Updated on 12 de December de 2023

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