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How to copy an email signature code

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So you created an HTML email signature with Bybrand and now need to know how to paste it into your email client. Very well, copying the code is the easier part, and we have three different ways of doing it.

1) Copying the rendered code

The easiest available method for almost all the email clients. Unfortunately, it’s the method that can show more problems with visualization.

When possible, please Download HTML.

When clicking the “Paste in email” button, the signature is visualized live. Click the Copy Signature button to transfer the code to your clipboard area.

Watch a quick video showing the step, subsequently, all you need to do is paste in Gmail, Outlook.com, etc.

2) Download the HTML

Although it’s the most complicated method, pasting the HTML code in the signature is the best way, since this doesn’t allow the automatic renderization of the code by the browser, which can change something that shouldn’t be changed.

If your email client allows you to upload an HTML file, use this option.

You’ll download a .html file and can open it with any text editor or upload your email signature if your email client allows it. Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail, for example, allow this option.

3) Displaying and getting the HTML code

Very similar to the process above, in this option, the code is shown in Bybrand’s signature constructor. If you can download the HTML code, as shown in method 2, please do! The browser won’t change anything in the code, but with this option, it might.

Copying HTML from email signature

Quick video

Done. If you need any clarification or difficulties, please get in touch with our support team.

Updated on 26 de September de 2023

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