What’s new in Bybrand? Q2-2022

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We have a list of interesting improvements to update you on this past Q2. Many of the changes that occurred in this Q2 were within the email signature editor. But we also had improvements in Departments, Assets, and new video tutorials.

So read on to learn more about the new features and releases.

New email signature categories and templates

The more, the better, especially when it comes to templates to fuel your imagination.

We are improving the templates area, and have created three new options: With banner Image, With border and line, and With background color. We have also added six new templates to the Template Gallery for use cases ranging from Sales, Marketing, Lawyers, and Real Estate.

New email signature categories and templates

Editor improvements

We have recently added several useful improvements to enrich your experience when editing or creating a professional email signature. By the way, your experience with Bybrand starts here.

Two new column options

It has become even easier to create an email signature from scratch or add more customization to an existing one.

  • 30-40-30 column;
  • 20-40-40 column;

Button to select an element

This is a perfect feature. Now you can select an element in the email signature for easy customization. For example, this new button can be useful to change the color of a link more easily. By the way, see more details in this tutorial: How to add a custom color to a link.

Button to select an element

Button to return the image to its original size

Sometimes you can change the size of the image in your email signature a bit, and it loses quality because it is not at the original size. This button is a useful feature, for when you need to resize the image to the original size.

The icon will be inside the Ruler, next to the Crop exact button.


Grouping allows you to display similar images. Thus, you can easily find your email signature icons by category in the editor. This is seamless and makes finding icons with the same design easy.

Filter for icon gallery

New contact and social media icons

The icon gallery now also has new official social media images (TikTok, Reddit) and contact images. Also read, How to add social media icons to your email signature.

New currency support – Mexican Pesos (MXN)

Customers in Mexico can now subscribe to Bybrand with their local currency. “Bienvenidos hermanos.”.

Drag and drop and upload of multiple images in Assets

We have improved the image upload feature in Assets. With a new look and feel, you can now upload multiple images at once. This can be useful if you want to upload a group of social media icons or an employee headshot.



The improvements don’t end with the editor, we continue to improve the Bybrand in Departments and significant tutorial videos.

Placeholders within the signature editor

When editing a department email signature, now find the placeholders within the editor.

Placeholders within the signature editor.

Signature list in HTML mode

In the Signatures section, you can now list your email signatures created with the HTML mode under Departments. It also has a button for editing or downloading HTML content.

List signatures in HTML mode

Zoho CRM integration

We’ve enhanced the integration to allow you to quickly create and deploy brand email signatures for your sales team. With the update, you can manage many email signatures for Zoho CRM users in the Departments section.

Video tutorials

We have new helpful video tutorials created. For example, how to add a Google Maps banner to your email signature.

How to add a Google Maps banner to your email signature with Bybrand

Watch other useful videos: