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Add a custom color to a link

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You can customize the color of each link element based on the signature background color, or you can also add a custom color using a hexadecimal color code.

First, in the email signature, select all the text you want to add a custom color. If the content already has a link added, you also need to select all the link text.

Let’s look at a quick example:

Change link color

You can select the entire element by clicking on the highlighted icon to make it easier. Then click on the color button.

Editor, select the element.
Editor, select the element

Returning to the toolbar

If, for some reason, you want to go back to the editor toolbar. For example, to change the text size or change the font. Click on the link and press ESC on your keyboard.

Returning to the toolbar

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Updated on 26 de September de 2023

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