Timeline: Bybrand Integration For Google Workspace

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Managing a large quantity of email signatures for staff is not an easy task. Bybrand’s email signature manager for Google Workspace provides IT administrators with a complete solution for standardizing the company’s email communication.

From a single dashboard, you can create and manage dozens of professional email signatures for your team. And what’s more, the deployment process is remote, so you don’t need to go directly to the user’s machine or send complex tutorials for them to add the email signature to their email account.

Bybrand for Google Workspace in three steps

With these three simple steps, you can quickly create and deploy professional email signatures for your company.

Three steps to start

1. Connect Bybrand with Google Workspace

As a Google Workspace super admin, you connect the Bybrand APP with the Google Workspace Marketplace. You then import all users in your organization or specific email accounts.

2. Create a standard email signature

The second step is to create a default email signature. For example, sales team, or the entire company. Then, Bybrand automatically generates the signatures so that you can then deploy them directly to the user’s Gmail account.

3. Deployment to user accounts

The last step involves updating the email signatures in the users’ Gmail account. Using the bulk update feature, you will update all signatures with just one click.

Watch a 9-minute video of all steps of the integration:

The Evolution of Google Workspace Integration

The integration connects directly to the Google Mail Platform API, which is a great help that saves you time and decreases repetitive tasks.

Follow the progress of the integration:

November 2018 Release of the integration

In late 2018, we introduced integration with G Suite (renamed to Google Workspace) with the proposal to update and deploy enterprise-wide email signatures quickly.

Previously, in June, we already had the integration with Gmail for personal accounts. However, the integration has been discontinued.

May 2019 Support for multi-domains

Six months after launching the integration, we received some valuable feedback from customers, which prompted us to add the feature that allows the customer to add multiple domains to the integration.

Thereafter, it was possible to register all subdomains of the organization, plus the main domain, of course.

August 2019 Support for alias addresses

For added convenience, in August 2019, we created the feature that gave Google Workspace administrators the ability to update email signatures on alias addresses.

A video tutorial of the alias feature working:

At that time, only two companies had the feature: Bybrand and WiseStamp.

December 2019 Bybrand in G Suite Workspace

Bybrand integration was featured in the G Suite Marketplace. In 2019, over 5 million businesses were using Google’s cloud office tools to increase their productivity.

Also, in December of 2019, the Departments feature started importing users from the G Suite integration.

For the year of 2021, Google has not yet provided its official market share figures.

April 2020 Bulk update

The new feature of bulk updating email signatures in the user’s account has enabled the administrator to save a lot of time at the deployment stage, thus eliminating manual tasks or sending tutorials to the end user to paste their own signature into the email account.

This update came at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when most companies had employees working remotely, in different locations. Going physically on the user’s machine to update their email signature was no longer an option.

October 2020 G Suite rebranded to Google Workspace

Along with the renaming to Google Workspace, we offer a faster and more secure way to add the Bybrand app to the Workspace Marketplace.

Google Workspace admin email

November 2020 Pre-created templates

To make the creation of signatures faster, we created pre-created templates with the placeholders of the integration. On the same date, we also added the option to edit the email signatures in HTML mode.

Pre-created templates

February 2021 – Full support for alias addresses

Bybrand is the only email signature manager for Google Workspace with full support for managing signatures of alias addresses (details here). As an add-on, we have created the option to import aliases into Departments.

April 2021 – Import from Google Workspace Groups

You can now import Workspace Directory users from groups. Importing users using groups is a great advantage if your organization has many users, and you organize them by Google Workspace Groups.

Google Workspace Groups

What comes next?

Whether 2021 brings an age of normalcy or the world somehow remains strange, we will continue to work to ensure that Bybrand adapts to the way you manage professional email signatures for Google Workspace.

What we will still have in 2021:

  • Import from Google Workspace Groups;
  • Automation with Zapier;