We are announcing the email signature manager for the G Suite

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In June of this year, the launch of the integration with Gmail was announced, created to facilitate the process of updating email signatures with only one click. Today, we have the pleasure of announcing our most recent integration with G Suite, facilitating the creation, management, and updating of the email signatures belonging to every user within the organization.

The results of our research on which email platform Bybrand clients use the most showed that G Suite is by far the most popular. Therefore, it only makes sense that we dedicate weeks of studies and development to bring this improvement to everyone.

Presenting integration with G Suite

The G Suite is a set of Google Cloud applications (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and others), used for business. It has everything you need to improve your work on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Quick process to update the signature of an email account.

G Suite integration original

Our most recent integration places Bybrand as the primary tool to help implement a standard in email communication within your organization, engaging all users in branding and marketing in email signatures.

With the integration between Bybrand and G Suite, you can add and update email signatures belonging to the employees who use Gmail, with only one click. (see the example above).

If your company uses G Suite, activating the integration makes sense, to help it work more quickly. And this saves you a lot of time, avoiding the need to visit each machine personally, or the creation of complicated tutorials so that users can update their signature on their own.

In the past, for your entire team to have the same signature, you or the person in charge of IT would have to go from machine to machine and add the signatures for each user.

For more details on how to install the Bybrand integration, check out our article in the help guide to G Suite.

Bybrand is not only about pretty signatures

The integration with G Suites facilitates its use, but Bybrand has much higher potential than merely creating beautiful email signatures. Many companies have been using Bybrand as a marketing tool, which we call email signature marketing, with the campaign resource.

Depending on your effort and on the average number of messages sent daily by your company, the signatures can:

  • Increase website visits;
  • Increase engagement in social media pages;
  • Get more rings on the company’s sales phone number;
  • Allow clients to get to know the business more quickly;
  • Visualize the brand.

The possibilities are endless; this integration will help you transform any of the company’s e-mail communications into a stronger ally so that you can make the most of Gmail.

What’s next?

This is the first launch. We promise to make many improvements. Our next goal is listing Bybrand in G Suite Marketplace, which will make activating the integration much more comfortable.

We will keep you updated on any news.

With Bybrand as a whole, the next integration will possibly be with Zoho Mail and Zoho Desk. We are seeking to improve the perception of service value, and today’s update will help reach this goal.


[May, 2019] – The G Suite integration now supports adding multiple domains within the organization.

[August, 2019] – Bybrand now supports updating email signatures at alias addresses.

[December, 2019]Bybrand integration introduced at G Suite Marketplace. You can access the app in Bybrand to G Suite Marketplace.