Are you preventing Gmail from changing the color of the phone, email, and website?

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If you are a Google Mail user, you will notice that any keyword containing a phone number, email, or website, is automatically changed to a blue color link. It, not a big problem as it makes the text in action for Hangouts (voice service), new message, open a website, or date for the calendar.

For example, if you click the link from the created phone, it will open the “Phone calls in Hangouts” application, and if it’s in the email link, it will open a new message. These are useful functions that can make your life easier but create a design problem in the text.

Here is an example:

Gmail change fields to link
Gmail changing fields, of course, white color

Here is the original signature created with Bybrand. The phone, email, and site text are blank in the email signature, which is desired by default.

Email signature original

But if by any chance you want to prevent Gmail from doing this in your messages? How to keep the link’s color as it was initially set up in the signature, is it possible? Yes, with editor Bybrand for sure!

How to prevent Gmail from changing the color of your phone, email, and website

While it is annoying that Gmail changes these fields, fortunately, there is an easy fix to take over, our goal is not to have the email signature Modified.

Trying to use a mallet with “numeric entities” to fool webmail does not work. The algorithm is smart and end up on a phone link as well.

11-2233-6000 to 11­2233­6000

The best way to resolve it is to send the signature’s configured links to prevent it from being changed in an automatic process. It will take a little more work, but your signature will stay as intended in the end.

Add link in email signature

Link to all keywords that are creating the blue link automatically. Fields must have the following URL codes to work.

Telephone field:
Create a link with the URL:
tel:+1 03 3589-2577 (the phone to change to the correct one.)

Email field:
Create a link with the URL:

Site field:
Create a link with the URL:

Watch the quick process video if you still have difficulty:

Then, save the signature and take the test. Here is our result after the change. Gmail now does not create links to the texts.

Correct email signature

Our more in-depth submissions to the MS Outlook 2013 create an underline in the link (but the text is the color you want.). We have not found a way to resolve this yet. When you work with HTML email, which is the case with email signatures, your MS Outlook problems never end.

Yahoo! and other providers

The Yahoo! In the distant past created an automatic link to embed paid advertising in the messages, this practice did not go forward, and today it does not alter the texts with keywords. The same is true for

In the end, by guarantee, the best one has to do is to create a link to all the keywords fields.

And this is a perfect solution when gluing the signature HTML code, unfortunately not all email clients support this. The tests were done with and Mozilla Thunderbird, which are the ones that support signature paste in HTML code and not the rendered preview.

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