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Your first HTML email signature

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After registering with Bybrand, the first thing you would like to do is create an HTML email signature. We will go through the steps of creating the first.

Watch a complete video showing every process at the end of this article. You can skip directly to the video if you’d like.

Creating your first email signature

Click on Signatures and then on Create new;

Creating your first email signature.

After, choose your first template from a very discrete list. You’ll be able to preview how the template shows in your email. After making your choice, click on Select;

Templates of email signature

After selecting your template, the next step is editing your personal information.

Editing the email signature

Now is the most exciting step, the time to personalize your signature! You can edit any text or images without limits.

The toolbar has many features, and, by clicking on the + button, you’ll be able to see new options like adding a new line, spaces, columns, or a disclaimer.

To activate the toolbar, click on any part of the text or image. You can also select a line of text to personalize the type, font, or size.

Add option in email signature

See this quick animation of how to add a line.

Add email signature line

Right after adding your information, changing color and icons, save your email signature with a personal name so that you can identify it later.

Click on the green Save signature button. You can make changes after saving at any moment.

Here are a few extra processes that you’d want to make:

Sending signature test

It’s a good idea to send a test email to make sure the signature is being exhibited the way you’d like it to. Click on Test to send the template directly to any email address.

Cloning the current signature

You can create a new signature identical to your current one. This is a good way to save time.

Clone and testby email feature

In addition to the steps above, you can improve your email signature with these other quick tutorials:

Pasting the email signature

Here are a few tutorials teaching how to paste the created email signature into the most frequently used email clients.

Complete video tutorial

This video tutorial will show you how to create your first professional email signature. A company logo could also replace that face photo if it suits you.

If you need any clarification or difficulties, please contact our support team via email or chat.

Updated on 26 de September de 2023

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