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Exploring email signature editor basic options

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In this complete guide, we will explore all the tools and features of the Bybrand editor so you can create a personalized and impactful signature.

Video with all options:

Activating the editor

Start by clicking on a cell of your signature. Note how the cell is highlighted when you hover over it.

Activating the HTML signature editor

  • Click on the cell or line to open the menu.
  • Use the More (+) icon to add new elements, such as title, simple text, line, spacer, inner columns, legal notice, footer, or header.
  • Combine these elements to create the basic structure of your signature.


Explore the customization options:

Email signature customization editor

  • Delete: Remove unwanted elements with the trash can button.
  • Background color: Change the background color of each cell to highlight important information.
  • Images: Insert logos, photos, or other images to give a visual touch to your signature.
    • Click on the image icon to open the gallery or upload your own image.
  • Duplicate: Create copies of elements to accelerate the creation process.

Text formatting

Select a text element to access the formatting tools:

Text formatting for email signature.

Example in the editor when selecting text in the email signature.

  • Bold: Highlight important words.
  • Italic: Give a touch of elegance to your signature.
  • Font: Choose the font that best suits your style.
  • Font Size: Adjust the size for easier reading.
  • Line Height: Control the spacing between lines of text.
  • Text Color: Match your brand’s color palette.
  • Background Color: Create a contrast with the text color.
  • Links: Add links to websites, social networks, documents, and more:
    • Select the text and click on the link icon.
    • Insert the link address and customize the link color and behavior.

Layout and alignment

Moving on to the options, the second line has the items:

Layout and alignment for email signature.

  • Columns: Divide your signature into columns to organize the information.
    • Use the “Split Column” button to adjust the width of each column.
  • Padding: Control the spacing between the text and the column borders.
  • Alignment: Align the text vertically (top, center, bottom) and horizontally (left, center, right) for a professional look.


Customize the borders of your signature:

  • Click on the “Manage borders” button to see on which sides the border is active.
  • Adjust the border width and color.
  • Remove the border with the trash can icon.
  • Change the border style for a unique touch.
  • Apply borders to individual cells, inner columns, or the entire signature.

Final adjustments

When saving or editing an existing email signature, note the button: Quick Changes.

Bybrand Quick Changes feature.

  • Quick Change: Edit the text of the entire signature at once after saving.
  • Column Width: Resize the main column width in three predefined options.

Extra tips:

  • Use your brand’s color palette to maintain visual consistency – see best practices.
  • Include your contact information clearly.
  • Keep the signature concise and avoid unnecessary information.
  • Test the signature on different email clients to ensure correct viewing.
Updated on 15 de March de 2024

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