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How to add an email signature to Yahoo! Mail

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The Yahoo! Mail is the free webmail client from Yahoo!, with unlimited space and many languages. Integrated with social media and instant messages to start, it’s at the top of the list and Microsoft and Google.

Due to a shortage of names used in addresses, since Yahoo! Mail has over 1 billion accounts created, it has started to offer alternatives (besides the traditional @ yahoo.com or @ yahoo.com.br) with the Ymail domains (yourname@ymail.com) and Rocketmail (yourname@rocketmail.com) source: Wikipedia Yahoo. Knowing that the setting is the same for all alternative addresses.

There is a video tutorial at the end of this article to ease the understanding of all of the processes.

Adding an email signature to Yahoo! mail

This article will go through a step-by-step tutorial of how to add an HTML signature created with the signature editor from Bybrand directly to Yahoo! Mail.

First, you need to log into your email account. After that, go to settings, as you can see in the image below.

Yahoo Mail settigns area

A window with options will open, click on the Writing Email tab and after that, view the email signature area. You must paste the content of the signature in it.

Here’s an example image:

Yahoo! email signature area

A second alternative is at the Email account option, click your address that is shown in the list. Find the Signature section. It’s recommended to mark the option: Include a signature in sent emails.

Pasting the email signature

The second part of the tutorial is copying the emails signature created with Bybrand and pasting it (Ctrl+V) in the text box, as you can see in the image shown above.

The signature will show perfectly! It’s possible to make changes at any moments, all you need to do is erase and paste the updated code.

To finish it all off, save it! The window will close and all of your future messages will now have a beautiful signature.

Video tutorial

As promised, here’s a video showing the process above.

Done! If you have any questions or difficulties, please get in touch with our support team.

Updated on 1 de December de 2020

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