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How to add an email signature on the iPad or iPhone

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Note that this tutorial is useful for the entire line of Apple Inc. iPad, iPhone, and MAC Mail.

After updates on iOS, the system used by Apple on iPhone/iPad, it became easier to add email signatures in HTML format.

You can go directly to the full video tutorial at the end.

Add HTML email signature on iPad or iPhone

This step-by-step tutorial also applies to adding HTML email signatures to iPad and MAC Mail.

First, open your browser and access the shared subscription link, which you want to add.

Your shared signature will appear like this, and notice that it has a QR-code icon for easy access with the iPhone or iPad.

Email signature shared publicly

You can access the link to the email signature shared by your phone and follow the next step. Copy the rendered code from the email signature, as shown in the green button on the image above Copy signature.

On iPad, open Settings and tap Mail. Now tap Signature.

Email signature on iPad
Email signature on iPad

For the iPhone

Then, choose the field for the email you want to use the email signature, touch the field, keep your finger pressed when removing the option of Paste will appear.

Loss of HTML formatting on iPhone

When pasting, if the email signature loses the HTML formatting, such as font and image size, don’t worry. Swing the phone and when the Undo message appears, touch Undo.

There, the signature returns for correct formatting with HTML.

Save and open your Mail app and touch the Send a new email button. View your new signature applied to the message.

Full video tutorial to iPad Mail

As promised, here we have a full video tutorial on how to add an email signature to the iPad Mail.

If you have any questions, please contact our support via email or chat.

Updated on 19 de August de 2022

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