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Images do not appear in Apple Mail email signature

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Understanding why your email signature images may not display properly in Apple Mail is crucial to resolving the issue.

Here are the top 3 causes and possible solutions:

Check the Remote Content Loading settings

The first reason why images may not be showing in your email signature is that remote content loading is disabled.

Apple Mail Remote Content Loading settings.

Use Rich Text Format

Another reason could be that you’re using the wrong format for your email signature. Apple Mail requires email signatures to be in Rich Text Format.

Apple Mail Use Rich Text Format

Verify the Default Message Format for Replies

Occasionally, the default message format for replies can cause issues with image display.

  1. When you click to reply to a message.
  2. Choose Format, Make Rich Text
  3. Note that this option is available only when the current format is plain text.


Here’s a video that explains all of the settings in Apple Mail above.

Updated on 14 de December de 2023

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