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Add an email signature in Spark Mail

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Spark Mail is a modern and professional email management application. Spark Email wants you to love email again. It has a clean, intuitive interface and meets almost all email-related needs.

For a quick video step-by-step, see at the end of the tutorial.

How to add an email signature in Spark Mail for Mac?

The following are the steps to add an email signature created with Bybrand in Spark Mail. Let’s assume that you already have the HTML email signature created with the Bybrand editor.

1) Coping the email signature

First, copy the signature’s contents to the clipboard, as shown in the illustration below.

Copy email signature content.

2) Open the Spark Mail

In our case, we are using Spark Mail for Mac. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this tutorial, the app is not yet available for Windows.

Visit the Preferences option, then click on the Signatures menu.

3) Paste the email signature

Your app screen will likely appear like this example. Click the (+) button to add a new signature option.

Signature name: the name of the email signature is automatically configured using the first texts, but you can change it to a name that best represents you.

adding signatureto Spark Mail

The next step is to paste the content of the signature in the text area, as you can see in this illustration below.

Select Paste.

Paste signature in the Spark Mail

It’s complete! Spark saves the settings after the change.

Now, your next messages will be sent with a modern and professional HTML email signature.

Video tutorial

As promised, here we have a complete video with all the steps.

Updated on 28 de July de 2022

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