What’s new in Bybrand? Q3-2022

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As we move into the fourth quarter of 2022, Bybrand continues to grow and become an even more important tool to fascinate its customers with standardized brand email messages so that the strength of its employees who use corporate email daily can increase their sales, social engagement, and branding.

We made some big changes to our platform during the third quarter, which we’ll share in the article below.

Better user experience in Departments

We’ve improved UX in the Department area to be friendlier and more intuitive, facilitating your most common workflows for automated managing many email signatures.

We spend at least two cycle per year focusing on improving and optimizing the product. One modification was to add the option for you to sort the list of employees from placeholders.

Better user experience in Departments

In addition, you can now change the number of employees displayed per page to 25, 50, or 100 (also available in the Signatures section). However, the improvements in departments don’t stop there.

In addition to Sort, you can also change the view to list or grid.

View departments in list or grid mode.

Turn off image URL transformation

This option was created in the department section and is incredibly useful if you plan to manage email signatures with HTML mode. By disabling this option, you avoid transforming the image. Thus, you can apply the CSS style inline when editing the signature in HTML mode.

Read the full tutorial on Turning off the transformation to an image tag.

Turn off image URL transformation

It is no longer necessary to use three Braces

We realized how difficult it was for users to dynamically create an email signature with an employee face image. Previously, to load an image, you would need to use three Braces like this “{{{.”

A placeholder with an image URL will work with two Braces.

You can read the full tutorial on How to add a dynamic image of an employee’s face photo in the signature.

Lists newly used signature templates

Now you can magically list the newly used signature templates and create another similar one quickly.

Lists newly used signature templates

Google Sheets – Improved the Sync data

In integration with Google Sheets, you can now select a unique key to compare with your existing employee list. And if the data matches, the placeholder values are updated.

Full details about this on Tutorial Sync Data with a Google Sheets Spreadsheet.

Google Sheets improved the Sync data

Previously, the synchronization feature was a simple dump and repopulation that erased the registration of the employee in the department. Thus, invalidating a publicly shared email signature. With the new method, the Sync Data action will keep the same employee ID in the department.

Video tutorial with the steps:

Branding menu

A new feature has been released, called Branding. By accessing the menu, you can add a professional brand touch to email notifications sent to employees and shared email signature views.

Initially, you can add a logo, specify a color, and other interactions with your company’s brand to further grow your business and increase engagement with your employee.

Read the full tutorial in Control on the style of branding notifications.

Branding menu

The Branding tool is about to expand with new features. That was just the kickoff to our business definition. We are very excited to show you how you can continue innovating your email signature management experience and internal marketing platform to help you engage your employees in brand marketing.

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Signature editor improvements

When editing your perfect email signature, you have perfect control over line color selection and border settings. Also, we’ve created the long-awaited Column Resizing feature and new editor buttons.

You can get a complete view of what has changed in New functions (and improvements) in the email signature editor.

Amazing videos tutorial

Besides the great projects above, we also take the time to create amazing step-by-step tutorial videos to help you: