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Disable image tag transformation

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In departments, when you have a placeholder with an image URL, Bybrand transforms that URL to an image tag automatically. For example, with this value in the department placeholder:


It will turn into the image tag:

<img src="https://a.bybrand.io/ZHlsYW4ucbS5icg.jpg" alt="Image" style="" />

This can be useful for dynamic images in the email signature, such as an employee’s profile picture. But it prevents you from applying CSS style, especially if you edit the signature in HTML mode.

Here we have an example with an image URL in the placeholder field. Note that the URL starts with https://a.bybrand.io/.

Disabling the option

You can disable the transformation in each department. To do this, visit:

  • Department settings;
  • Next, uncheck the options: Transform image URL to an image tag.
Option transform the image URL to an image tag

Click Save after the change.

By disabling this option, you prevent transformations. Thus, you can apply CSS style inline to the image tag if you edit the signature in HTML mode.

This technique only works if you edit the department signature in HTML mode. Read how to do this here.

Here we have a simple example of CSS style inline in the image tag. But you can use the same code in a more complete email signature HTML.

Image with CSS style inline
<img src="{{photo}}" alt="Image" style="border: 2px solid #fff; border-radius:25px; padding:10px;background-color: #c1c1c1;width: 100px;">

In the example below, you can see the final result when you click to view the employee’s signature.

  • Employees list;
  • Click the Paste in email button.
Employee preview with CSS border-radius

Email client limitations

Note that some email clients do not support advanced CSS elements, e.g. border-radius . Therefore, this effect may not work on all email readers.

Video tutorial


Updated on 3 de January de 2023

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