What’s New on Bybrand? April 2021

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Welcome to Bybrand’s release notes! This month we have launched the integration with Zoho CRM. It is now possible to synchronize the information of Google Workspace users, and we also added the option to import an alias into a department. Plus, we have three more email signature templates for the Sales and Minimalist sections.

Let’s delve into the details of each topic below:

Integration with Zoho CRM

The most exciting novelty this month is the launch of Bybrand for Zoho CRM. With active integration, companies that use Zoho CRM every day for their customer relationships (through the email channel) can now quickly create, manage, and deploy email signatures for their users.

Zoho CRM home page

In Zoho CRM, emails are an essential means of interaction with potential and existing clients. Therefore, a modern HTML email signature in your outgoing emails will help you convert more sales spontaneously.

Google Workspace sync data

The Synchronize Data feature is ideal if you have many users and they frequently change their private information. This way, you can have a faster data parity.

The feature is currently available for Google Workspace integration – Zoho and Freshdesk will be available soon.

Google Workspace sync data

Watch a full tutorial on the new feature here.

Import alias addresses from Google Workspace into Departments

Since March, we have added the option to import alias addresses from Gmail into a Google Workspace department.

Bybrand has long had the ability to update email signatures of Gmail alias addresses, which are individual. It works well for a few aliases, like 2 or 5.

But what if your organization has over 50 alias addresses? Now it is possible. You would have a huge workload if you managed that many alias addresses individually. Now, this is something we should avoid!

This improvement will make it easier for you to manage the email signatures of many Gmail alias addresses.

Import alias addresses to department

Watch a complete tutorial here.

New signature templates

We also added three new email signature templates for the Sales and Minimalist categories.

New signature templates

The proposed email signature templates are a perfect addition for a sales team, or you can use them on a transactional email platform like Postmark.

To see more HTML email signature templates visit here.

What’s next?

In the following months, we’re planning to release Create From Scratch. This is a method of creating your own email signature templates from scratch.

We’re also planning to release “Detailed Guides,” which are guides that teach better ways to use Bybrand with third-party tools like Bitly, Postmark, Zoho, and many others.