Pricing Update Announcement For New Customers

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As we begin to realize the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global economic recession, we have reached a point of reflection where a fairer price update at Bybrand is necessary.

Thus, as of July 2020, we are presenting the use-based pricing model.


After reading the Kyle Poyar article on OpenView (item 9), we decided to think about a new pricing model for Bybrand – a win-win, fair, and value-adding model. The customer could pay for the use and not for limited fixed plans, as it was before.

Well, after one month of studies, analysis, and conversation with clients, we have found the ideal model that will be brought into use from 01 July 2020.

What is the problem with previous fixed plans?

Here’s a description of what was going on with many customers.

For example, in the Business 10 plan, with the limit of 10 email signatures on the account. If your company needed 12 signatures, for some reason, you would have to hire the Business 20 plan – which has a limit of up to 20 email signatures.

You see the problem, don’t you?

Your company would have to pay for email signatures that you do not intend to use. You only need 2 more email signatures, but you are paying for 10 extra.

We solved that with the additional signatures feature.

additional signatures prices
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At first, it may seem that the change to a use-based system is financially bad for Bybrand. A client who was paying R$130 month will pay R$102 month – if they migrate from the plan.

The good thing for us is that now our goal has become clear. Our only goal is to make it easier for customers to create more and more email signatures. In this way, this is where our work to improve usability, onboarding, and launch new integrations has become clearer.

If our customers succeed in creating and deploying email signatures for their employees, Bybrand will win. If they don’t, we’ll all lose.

If we succeed, we all win. If we fail, we all lose.

We are very motivated by this new pricing model and wonder why we didn’t think of it from the beginning.

More information in the knowledge base:

Pricing change affects new customers only

As promised, our new pricing will NOT affect current paying customers. Our customers are our partners on this journey. They will keep their current prices FOREVER.

But if you see an advantage in the new pricing model, you can migrate. Please contact our support if you wish to migrate.

What’s next?

We are also working to present the prepaid credit resources with a 20% discount – news in the coming weeks.