How to add an email signature to Intercom and the benefits

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If your customer support team uses Intercom, then adding an email signature in the help desk is a great practice.

It lets you enhance communication, makes your Intercom messages more professional, and can help you promote important content and resources. Luckily, setting these signatures up is simple.

Follow this straightforward guide to help you create optimized Intercom email signatures (we also include a few examples you can use).

6 Tips to make your help desk email signature more effective

Using an Intercom email signature can be a great move, but you need to make sure you do it properly. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating an email signature to use for help desk emails.

In the end, there are some signature templates at the end that cover all these points.

1. Concise contact information

Include your full name, title, and a direct contact number. This adds a personal touch and provides customers with a clear point of contact.

It fosters a sense of transparency and accessibility, which is what having a help desk is all about.

2. Professional email address

Use a professional email address that aligns with your specific help desk role. This enhances your credibility and ensures that recipients immediately recognize the email as official communication from your company.

Integrate your company logo into the email signature. A visually appealing logo reinforces brand recognition and trust. Ensure that the logo fits in easily and doesn’t overwhelm the overall signature layout.

4. Interactive icons

Make your email signature do more with interactive icons.

Use icons for quick access to essential channels like your Knowledge Base, Chat system, and “Open Ticket” process. This makes your signature more user-friendly, especially for recipients who prefer visual navigation.

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Make sure you include a hyperlink to your Knowledge Base with an inviting message like “Explore our Knowledge Base” so, the customer can get quick answers to common queries.”

This promotes self-service and empowers users to find solutions independently.

It’s a good idea to incorporate a button or link for live chat support.

This feature offers immediate assistance, fostering real-time engagement with customers. Ensure that the live chat link or button is easily visible to encourage users to reach out for support.

4.3. Open ticket button

Add a button labeled “Open Ticket” that directs users to the ticket creation page.

This simplifies the process for customers who need to submit specific issues or requests, streamlining the support workflow.

5. Promotional sections

Email signatures are a great way to promote content or events that your business holds.

You could integrate a banner promoting any upcoming webinars or events. Include a call-to-action, such as “Join Our Webinar” or “Register Now.”

You could also rotate promotional content in the banner space to keep customers informed about the latest products, features, or promotions. This helps to keep your signature engaging and up-to-date.

Including links to your company’s social media pages is always a good idea.

Doing so encourages customers to connect with your brand on these platforms, helping you generate more traffic and social engagement.

Adding easy social media buttons also gives recipients an extra channel through which they can communicate and engage with your business.

Why use an email signature in Intercom?

Using an email signature in Intercom’s help desk solution can give your customer support efforts a major boost – even though it requires practically no effort.

Here are some of the main advantages of doing this:

Professionalism and brand consistency

Email signatures add a professional touch to your interactions. Including a well-designed signature with your company logo and consistent branding reinforces a professional image, which helps in building trust and brand recognition.

Clear point of contact

A well-crafted email signature provides essential contact information, such as the agent’s name, title, and direct contact number. This makes it easy for customers to identify and reach out to the right person, improving communication and responsiveness.

Navigation to key channels

Interactive elements in your signature, like icons or buttons, can link directly to important help desk channels. This streamlines the customer journey and offers quick access to support resources.

Consistent communication

Maintaining a consistent email signature across all your customer interactions helps in standardizing communication from the help desk.

Consistency is key in creating a unified brand voice and ensuring that customers receive a coherent and reliable experience from your business.

4 Things to avoid in an Intercom email signature

While your Intercom email signature can do some fantastic things, it’s also important that you set it up properly. When doing this, here are a few things you should avoid:

Image-only signatures

Avoid using email signatures that consist solely of images.

While visuals might look appealing, an image-only signature might not load properly. You also can’t include a range of different clickable, interactive elements.

Instead, include text elements and icons to help your signature perform better.

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Overly simplistic signatures

Steer clear of overly simplistic Intercom email signatures. Ensure that your signature includes at least your full name, position, and contact details to provide recipients with sufficient context about your identity and role.

You’ll also want to avoid overly generic or minimalistic content in your signature. For example, a signature with only your name may lack professionalism and fail to convey important information.

Excessive information

While it’s essential to include all of the key details, avoid overloading your signature with excessive information.

Focus on the information that matters, like your name, title, and a direct contact method, to keep it engaging and professional.

Double-check that your links work and avoid including links that lead to outdated content.

Non-functional links defeat the whole purpose of having an interactive Intercom email signature. Regularly review and update your links to ensure they direct users to the right place.

How to add an Intercom email signature

There are two different approaches you can take when adding your Intercom Help Desk email signature:

Basic (directly on Intercom)

The most basic approach is to create the email signature directly in Intercom.

To do this, open Intercom, navigate to your profile settings, click on the email menu, and choose the signature option.

Now you can create a basic text-based signature directly in Intercom including your logo. Simply add your details into the text box, upload your company logo, and save the signature.

This is easy to do, but it means you can’t add interactive elements and clickable links.

Using a custom HTML signature

If you want a more engaging and impactful Intercom email signature, then you’ll need to create an HTML signature.

To complete this, navigate to the same email signature section in Intercom. Remove any content in your text box and select the “HTML” option.

Now you can paste custom HTML code into the box, which will render it as your email signature.

To create this HTML signature, use an email signature generator like Bybrand. This lets you easily customize your selected help desk signature template, add in any links and clickable elements, and then turn the signature into HTML code in a single click.

Watch this video to see the process step-by-step.

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Real-life examples of effective Intercom email signatures

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few examples of Intercom email signatures:

In the first example, we have an email signature with brand colors and an area with links to FAQ and Blog.

Email signature for Intercom with link.

Next, we have a template with an action link. As mentioned previously, this text can easily change to “Open ticket” which directs the user to the help desk page.

Email signature for Intercom with CTA link.

In this example, notice that there is a WhatsApp button. It can also be changed to Skype, or a link to support chat.

Email signature for Intercom with WhatsApp button.

For a more human email, you can also add an agent profile photo, similar to our last example.

Email signature for Intercom with agent's headshot.


With the right HTML email signature generator, setting up an Intercom email signature is simple. Once you’ve got the right signature in place, it can make your Intercom communications far more engaging and professional.

This is an easy way to make the most of any Intercom messages that go out, helping your brand achieve more with minimal effort.

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