Bybrand vs. CodeTwo: Email signature manager comparison

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Email signatures have many great benefits for organizations. In order to create and manage company-wide email signatures, you’ll need to use the right software.

Bybrand and CodeTwo email signature managers are two popular options that businesses often consider.

Below, we’ll compare the two platforms side-by-side to establish exactly what each software offers and which one is best. Follow this guide if you want to make the most out of your email signature software.

What is Bybrand?

Bybrand website

Bybrand is an email signature management software. It allows users to easily create, design, and manage email signatures for their organization or team.

With Bybrand, users can create customized email signatures with branding elements such as logos and images. You can also include personal information, social media links, and other contact information.

This all works from a template-based tool with a drag-and-drop editor. There’s no coding or technical knowledge required.

Once you have customized your email signature, you can simply copy the HTML code and apply the HTML email signature to all email clients.

What is CodeTwo?

CodeTwo homepage

CodeTwo is a platform designed for creating email signatures for Office 365 (now Microsoft 365). It is designed to help organizations add and manage email signatures for all their users in MS 365, with a central management console. This console allows administrators to create and distribute email signatures to their users automatically.

The software allows users to create custom email signatures with different formatting options and dynamic elements – such as images and social media icons.

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This video shows how to create and add a company-wide email signature to Microsoft 365 via Exchange.

It also allows administrators to set up different signatures for different departments or groups of users, and to apply different signatures to different types of messages (e.g. internal vs. external emails).

Bybrand vs. CodeTwo: Main features

Well, now let’s get to know the main characteristics of each option.

When comparing CodeTwo email signatures for Microsoft 365 and Bybrand, you need to understand the main features of each platform. We outline these below.

Bybrand main features

Bybrand is an email signature management software specially designed for businesses and larger teams. The platform includes:

  • Customizable email signature templates. Users can access a massive library of email signature templates and easily customize them with their unique branding elements and information. Users can sort through the templates library based on the type of template – such as minimalist templates, GIF animated templates, or sales email signature templates. Templates can include elements like legal disclaimers, social media icons, and more.
  • Email signature editor. You can easily customize email signatures and banners with Bybrand’s drag-and-drop editor tool.
  • Company-wide email signature management. A key feature of using Bybrand is that it makes it easy for business owners or marketing professionals to manage email signatures across an entire organization. You can clone and easily manage company-wide email signatures to ensure your organization displays the correct information at all times.
  • HTML email signatures. Bybrand creates interactive, beautifully designed HTML signatures. Users can easily export the HTML code with a click. If you are a coding expert, you can also edit the HTML code directly.
  • Cloud-based. The platform is cloud-based, which enables you to access and edit your signature from any device.
  • Integration. Bybrand integrates with all major email clients. You can use it to create email signatures for Microsoft 365, Gmail, Apple Mail, and more. The platform works particularly well with Google Workspace.
  • Don’t need to change the MX records in DNS. That way, your emails are kept at your company, and do not cross through Bybrand email servers.

CodeTwo main features

CodeTwo email signatures for Microsoft 365 is the only email signature solution certified by Microsoft. Here are some of the platform’s main features:

  • Centrally-managed email signatures. CodeTwo email signatures for Microsoft 365 provide a cloud-based solution for Microsoft users. Organizations can centrally manage company-wide email signatures from the platform and centrally manage auto-reply messages.
  • Complete control of email signatures for Microsoft 365. Users can add different signatures to different users, automate signatures and auto-replies, select language groups, senders, recipients, and more.
  • Template library. As with Bybrand, CodeTwo email signatures for Microsoft 365 are template-based. Simply access a library of templates, customize your template with the intuitive editor, and export the HTML code.
  • Automated email campaigns. Users can plan out email marketing campaigns in advance and schedule when they run. This lets you customize the exact time your promotional email signatures start and stop, which is useful if you use email signatures for marketing.
  • Integration. Although CodeTwo email signatures are specially designed to be used as email signatures for Microsoft 365, the platform is compatible with all email clients and mobile devices (changing the DNS).
  • Compliance and security. CodeTwo email signatures help users stay compliant by including relevant information and disclaimers for legal issues surrounding emails. This includes legal disclaimers which can be deployed in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia. The Azure-based cloud service also meets high security and compliance standards.

Bybrand vs. CodeTwo: Pros and cons

If you need to create a professional email signature, then both Bybrand and CodeTwo email signatures are good options. However, each platform comes with its pros and cons.

Bybrand pros and cons


  • Very easy to use
  • An enormous template library is available to help you create the right email signatures for the right purpose
  • Integrates particularly well with Google Workspace and Google Sheets
  • Easy to manage email signatures across an entire organization
  • Includes an extensive library of stock icons
  • Legal disclaimer available
  • Affordable, and includes a 30-day free trial
  • Integrates with all email clients and devices
  • Easy collaboration permissions for different email and department managers


  • Does not include native integration with Microsoft 365
  • Not suitable for personal use or for freelancers
  • No reports or analysis feature of email signatures

CodeTwo pros and cons


  • Good for creating email signatures for Microsoft 365, as CodeTwo is specially created for Microsoft users
  • Template library available
  • Includes automation and scheduling functions
  • An easy solution for centrally managed email signatures
  • All email clients and devices are supported
  • Many great resources are available to help Microsoft users make the most of CodeTwo email signatures


  • Not the best option for users who don’t need email signatures for Microsoft 365, as CodeTwo is specially focused on this platform
  • Doesn’t include a test email function
  • The HTML editor could be confusing to some
  • You need to change the domain’s DNS, and this causes your company’s emails to cross through the CodeTwo server.

Bybrand vs. CodeTwo: Pricing

Both email signature management platforms offer flexible pricing plans.

Bybrand includes two main pricing models:

  • Professional: US$ 8 por mês
  • Business: US$ 16 por mês

You can also add as many email signatures or employees for an additional fee of US$ 0.80 for each individual email signature per month, and US$ 0.50 for each individual employee per month. Users can access a free 30-day trial for either plan to see whether Bybrand is right for them.

CodeTwo email signatures are priced by the number of users. The platform is available at US $1.23 per user per month. Unfortunately, there is no free trial available.

CodeTwo vs. Bybrand: Summary

Both email signature software tools offer a solid solution, and both can be used to easily create and manage professional email signatures.

The main considerations between each platform come down to what email provider your organization uses and what your budget looks like.

CodeTwo email signatures are a good choice for Microsoft 365.

The platform has been specifically designed as a tool for Microsoft users. If you want to get the most value from CodeTwo email signatures, then you should use it to create email signatures for the 365 platform.

Bybrand is a better choice for Google Workspace, as it offers an easily-compatible solution for Gmail and Google Sheets.

The platform is incredibly easy to use and offers a convenient solution for creating and managing company-wide email signatures. It’s affordable and includes professional templates for every kind of email signature use case.

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