Use Your Professional Email Signature to Capture More Subscribers

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A subscriber list is a collection of email addresses you can build up by engaging prospective clients through lead-generating campaigns. This list a valuable tool to explore new frontiers, expand your marketing reach, engage new prospects, build your brand, and of course, increase profits.

You will always need to increase your subscriber list and keep the numbers moving. It is, however, more important to have the right kinds of people on the list who will regularly engage your business and evolve from prospects into long-term clients. This is where your professional email signature comes into play.

The OptinMonster, a web tool reference in email list increase, has unveiled several useful methods for getting more email subscribers in ‘How To Get More Email Subscribers in Less than 5 Minutes,’ and they have not left out the email signature.

Let’s take a closer look at how HTML email signatures can be helpful to increase your subscriber list.

Get more email subscribers with email signatures

Most companies are trying to grow their subscriber list by using methods like blogging, eBooks, or social networking while ignoring one valuable feature: their email signature.

A professional email signature is a written text file that gives necessary information about you and your business. It is a subtle electronic business card customized with your audience in mind and strategically positioned at the end of emails.

Your professional email signature should be simple enough to be understood at a glance, attractive enough to appeal to the reader’s eye, and yet sufficiently comprehensive to provide relevant information. Whatever style you choose, be sure to leave a positive impression in the mind of your readers, and if you do, you can be sure that your subscriber list will increase with every email you send.

While your email signatures will help you increase your subscriber list, you need to have a list to get started. You can generate this list through means such as:

  • Providing value-adding content. This can include sharing relatable experiences and links to third-party articles. Once you create a positive impression in their mental space, you earn their goodwill and entice them to join your list.
  • Offering free stuff. You can encourage your audience to sign up with offers of free content, resources, and online tools. Make sure these freebies are quality offers, and you’ll be sure to have them sign up for more.

Email signatures templates to increase your subscribers list

We were using Bybrand – email signature editor to create three professional HTML email signatures to help promote your content in every email message sent by your employees. We gave the name of Call-to-Action in the email signature.

However, remember that these email signature templates are fictional and do not represent actual information.

First email signature template

A professional graphic designer offers a free vector illustration to anyone who subscribes to their email list, in addition to one more free download per week.

Second email signature template

A yoga teacher writes every week about relaxation at work, and she uses her email signature to let readers know they can subscribe to her list to get notified faster.

Third email signature template

An email signature template for a homemade cake maker. With a beautiful banner at the end of the signature to subscribe to receive new recipes direct by email.

You can check out more professional email signatures templates like these here.

Realize that the options are limitless and may cover most businesses and professionals who use professional email daily. Your next step might be to create an attractive landing page so as not to let interested subscribers fall through.

Improve communication

No matter which means you choose of generating a subscriber list, your email signature is a sure way to ensure that your subscriber list does not deplete as more people come on board. You can get prospective clients to receive at least one email from you, and irrespective of the attractive format of your email, the reader is sure to scroll to the end to check out your email signature.

Whatever your email signature conveys will then determine whether your reader stays on as a subscriber or immediately unsubscribes. This means that your email signature must communicate.

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Communication is the ultimate exchange by which the law of demand and supply works in the business world.

Your subscriber should be able to connect with you through your email signature and feel inclined to reach out to you as a follow up on your call to action. If all your subscribers feel this way, you’ll quickly build up an ever-increasing list.

Your email signature should convey professionalism and branding at a glance. This is important if you don’t want to get lost amid the many emails that try to get the attention of your subscribers daily. Your branding is your specificity, the unique impression you create in the mind of your audience when your name pops up. Therefore, your email signature should be clearly stated with a logo.

This will not only build confidence in your brand, but it will also increase your subscriber list in the long run.

This article was updated on June 12, 2021

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