Announcing Zoho Desk Integration

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One of the many challenges for support teams is standardizing email communications.

Having equal signatures for all of the support agents ensures consistent communication. Furthermore, with a fine email signature in HTML, as an administrator or department manager, you can forward curious users to your website, knowledge-base or social pages.

As a company grows, its customer service needs to evolve along with it. A business wishing to stand out, whether small or big, needs to have a sophisticated helpdesk software such as Zoho Desk, where they will not depend on providing client support through email, such as Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, which may be inefficient.

Presenting the Zoho Desk integration

The Bybrand integration with Zoho Desk facilitates the work administrators and managers. You can manage all email signatures of the team and update them with only one click on agent profiles. With this integration, you will be in control.

Zoho Desk integration update

Having rich email signatures can improve the positive experience of customer service, especially for curious clients who want to know more about your business.

Take a look at this email signature created through Bybrand and used on Zoho Desk, with the integration.

Zoho Desk email signature updated

What kind of results can you create for business through the use of rich email signatures? What can you achieve with the integration between Bybrand and Zoho Desk?

The message that we want to get through is that we are not only dealing with email signatures. Our aim is to help standardize email communications between agents and clients.

It’s not only about email signatures

Good customer service usually requires agents to get together and collaborate between groups to find good responses quickly. Support is a team sport. Email communications between agents and clients are the same; messages must follow the same pattern.

By using Bybrand integrated with Zoho Desk, administrators and managers in customer support can easily create and personalize email signatures for each team. See the landing page about the integration – email signatures to Zoho Desk agents.

This is the first chapter of this integration and it certainly will not be the last, as we will be launching more functionalities in the future, including signatures by department and updating content for multiple agents.

About Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a helpdesk software based on the web that gives you the opportunity to manage your customer service activities efficiently.

Zoho Desk is more than a system for answering helpdesk tickets; it is enhanced through integrations with Slack, Zoho CRM, ZIRA, and Trello, among others, adding more value. Now it is also integrated with Bybrand, in order to help manage the email signatures of all agents.

It is an important detail that improves customer service and leads companies to success. It is really that simple.