“A-ha” moments using Bybrand – Links in the email signature

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Do you wonder how to add hyperlinks to a professional email signature? Adding links to an email signature using the Bybrand editor is a fun and simple process.

By enriching your email signature with useful links and information you can also drive traffic to your website, blog, or event, and make it easier for people to contact you.

The following series of short videos will help you learn how to create an email signature that includes hyperlinks to your logo, social media icons, phone number, email address, and banner with a call to action. It is simple and quick. In fact, this is a way to advertise your business in every email message that you send from your business.

We have put together three short videos with examples of adding links to your email signature.

How to add a link to a logo in the email signature? Watch the short video tutorial on adding links to a logo and social media icons with the Bybrand editor.

Step-by-step instructions:

This video will teach you how to create a custom HTML email signature and format that signature so that you can include hyperlinks to phone numbers and the email address. There are many marketing options for your business, but this is immensely simple and should work with any email client.

Suppose that you want to learn how to add a WhatsApp link, Facebook icons, and even a webinar link to your email signature. This is the video for you!

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The purpose of an email signature for most people is to convey professionalism and build trust. It is also the perfect place to help recipients of your emails to get in touch with you by visiting your website or attending a webinar or online conference via a link.

After all, there are many opportunities.

Adding a banner with a CTA to your email signature helps to accomplish this goal. Watch this video to learn how to add call-to-action banner links to your HTML email signature.

Other “A-ha” Moments Using Bybrand.

Final thoughts

Most people know that they should have links in their email signatures, but don’t know how to create them. I showed you in these three short videos how to add a clickable hyperlink throughout your professional email signature without knowing any HTML code.

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